Uses of Usar Sulfene

Usar Sulfene is a pharmaceutical with the main ingredients including herbs that have the effect of tonic liver, cooling, diuretic, bile, laxative and appetite support. This product is not on the list of medicines, so it does not have the function of replacing medicine.

1. What is Usar Sulfene?

Usar Sulfene drug is a pharmaceutical product that has good effects in the treatment of liver and biliary diseases such as liver cooling, detoxification, diuretic, laxative, appetite, digestive support,... The product is manufactured. Produced by Phong Phu Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (Usarichpharm brand) with origin in Vietnam.
Dosage form: yellow sugar coated tablets
Packing: box of 3 blisters x 10 tablets
Main ingredients are:
Dried plantain, content of 7.7mg; Dried Ganoderma lucidum content 5.75mg; Dried artichoke extract 4.40mg content; Other excipients: Taclc, Lactose, Magnesiumesterate,.. just enough for 1 tablet;

2. The main use of the drug Usar Sulfene

Usar Sulfene drug is used to treat the following diseases:
Quickly relieve symptoms of urticaria, rash, jaundice caused by liver; Liver tonic, diuretic, biliary tract; Clear heat, easy to digest, laxative, delicious to eat;

3. Indications and contraindications

3.1. Indications People with impaired liver function; People with itching, prolonged urticaria; Jaundice; Prolonged constipation ; People who are tired, have no appetite, can't eat; In people with hot flashes, sweating, liver and kidney function gradually decline; 2.2.Contraindications Usar Sulfene is contraindicated in the following cases:
Women in pregnancy; Postpartum and breastfeeding women; Before and after surgery; People who are bleeding; Children under 4 years old are not recommended to use;

4. How to use the drug Usar Sulfene

How to use: Use by drinking directly with plenty of water. Should take the drug after a full meal, morning and evening is the best time for the body to absorb.
Adults: 8 tablets/ 2 times/day; Children over 4 years old: 4 tablets/ 2 times/day; Note: The above drug dosage is for reference only, patients need to strictly follow the doctor's instructions to ensure effective treatment and avoid unwanted side effects.

5. Notes when using the drug Usar Sulfene

During the use of Usar Sulfene, the patient should pay attention to the following issues:
Store the drug at an appropriate temperature, avoid light and ultraviolet rays. Carefully read the product information printed on the package such as expiry date, usage, indications, etc. Do not use the medicine that has been opened, clear blisters with signs of mold or oxidation. Absolutely do not use for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 4 years old. The product is not on the list of medicinal drugs, so it is not able to treat diseases instead of drugs and other treatment methods. Usar Sulfene is a pharmaceutical product with the main ingredients including herbs with the effect of liver tonic, cooling, diuretic, biliary, laxative and appetite support. Patients should carefully read the instructions or consult a doctor, pharmacist before use.
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