What is Dulcolax?

Before using Dulcolax, users need to understand what Dulcolax is, what disease does Dulcolax treat? Knowing important information not only helps the treatment process be more effective, but also minimizes unnecessary side effects.

1. What is Dulcolax?

Dulcolax is one of the imported drugs, currently Dulcolax is prescribed by doctors in the treatment of constipation, effective in eliminating toxins in the intestine before and after surgery. At the same time, Dulcolax is also used for patients preparing for a colon x-ray.
In addition, drugs are also used in items not listed on the package of the drug. Depending on the condition of each patient, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate dose of the drug to use.

2. Indications and contraindications of the drug Dulcolax

2.1 Indications when taking Dulcolax According to the information provided by the manufacturer and consulting a doctor, Dulcolax is indicated in the following cases:
People with constipation The drug is used for the treatment process before and after during surgery. In this case, the patient should follow the doctor's instructions on the correct dose of the drug. 2.2 Contraindications of the drug Dulcolax Absolutely do not use Dulcolax without the guidance of doctors or other professionals. The drug is contraindicated in the following cases:
The drug is not used for a long time, more than a week The patient is suffering from some stomach disease and accompanied by various symptoms such as: nausea , abdominal pain and vomiting,... Diet disorders, unstable eating during the day. Changes in bowel habits, which can last for more than 2 weeks or even longer with medication. Patients with rectal bleeding should not take Dulcolax. Pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 3 years of age should also not take the drug.

3. Dosage of the drug Dulcolax

Depending on the condition, pathology, age, each patient will be prescribed different doses. Accordingly, the corresponding dose of Dulcolax is as follows:
Constipated people
Children < 10 years old: 1 Dulcolax 5mg tablet Adults and children > 10 years old: 1 dose of Dulcolax 10mg tablet Patient before surgery Surgery
Patients who are about to undergo x-ray or abdominal exploration before surgery. When used, it will be combined with oral drugs and suppositories to help the intestines better excrete to eliminate waste. Dosage is advised as follows:
Children: 1 pill in the evening and 1 suppository in the morning the next day. Adults: take 2-4 pills the night before and one suppository the next morning.

4. Some notes when using Dulcolax

Before using Dulcolax, you need to pay special attention to a few issues:
Dulcolax is not recommended for a long time When using the drug for a long time, it will cause electrolyte imbalance. and decreased serum potassium. This is also the cause of constipation again. For the cases of using Dulcolax suppositories can cause local pain and irritation. In addition to taking medicine, you should also have a scientific and moderate diet so that the treatment process brings good results. You should consult your doctor, pharmacist before taking Dulcolax side effects are very rare, so if you notice any unusual changes during use you should talk to your doctor. Remember the time to take the medicine to avoid forgetting the dose. Above is all the important information to keep in mind about Dulcolax drug, taking the drug for the right purpose, in the right dose, always brings good treatment results to the patient.

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