What is Mifexton?

Mifexton is a psychotropic drug in the form of tablets containing the active ingredient Citicolin used to circulate circulation, especially circulation to nourish the brain and help the brain be supplied with enough oxygen to function. Therefore, the drug Mifexton is used by many people to help improve brain damage or neurological diseases.

1. What is Mifexton? What does Mifexton do?

The main ingredient in Mifexton is the active ingredient Citicolin (as Citicolin sodium salt) with a strength of 500mg. Included excipients include: Microcrystalline cellulose, PVP K30, Croscarmellose sodium, Magnesium stearate, Aerosil, Eudragit E100, HPMC E606, PEG 6000, Titanium dioxide, Talc. In which, Citicolin has the effect of stimulating biosynthesis of phospholipids on nerve cell membranes, preventing brain damage, and enhancing neurotransmission function. Thereby, increasing blood perfusion to the brain, increasing brain oxygen consumption.
With the above ingredients, Mifexton is indicated for use in the following cases:
Acute encephalopathy: Treatment of symptoms of acute and subacute cerebrovascular accident, patients with circulatory insufficiency brain , lack of blood to the brain or brain hemorrhage . Support the treatment of traumatic brain injury. Chronic Encephalopathy: Usually appears in middle-aged and elderly people with Alzheimer's disease. People with intellectual and mental impairment. Support to improve the sequelae after surgery of cerebrovascular accident, support the treatment of traumatic brain injury and prevent complications after neurosurgery. Patients with Parkinson's disease. Support the treatment of symptoms of neurological disorders and cognitive disorders (reducing the risk of stroke and stroke), restoring movement with paralyzed patients after a stroke. Helps improve thinking and cognition.

2. How to take Mifexton?

2.1. Reference dosage

Mifexton can be used for patients both with full and fasting.
Usual dose: 150-600mg/day, 2-3 times/day Specific dosage for the following cases: People with neurological diseases: Initially take 150mg/day, 2-3 times/day . After one week, it can be increased to 300mg/day depending on tolerability and treatment needs. The next seven days can be increased to a maximum of 600mg if deemed necessary. Patients with epileptic symptoms: Similar to patients of neurological origin. Patients with symptoms of anxiety disorder, panic disorder: Initially use 150mg / day. In the second week, the patient can increase the dose up to 300mg / day depending on the condition at that time. At the 3rd week, the dose can be increased to a maximum of 450mg - 600mg if necessary. Note: The dosage of Mifexton above is for reference only. For a suitable and effective dose, it is necessary to follow the instructions of your doctor, pharmacist or medical professional. Do not arbitrarily calculate, apply or change the prescribed dose.

2.2. How to take Mifexton?

Take Mifexton tablets directly with clean water.

3. Mifexton side effects

According to the survey results, Mifexton has low side effects, so there are almost no serious unwanted effects, depending on the condition of each person using the drug, there may be mild symptoms such as: :
Dizziness, headache, nausea, dry mouth, constipation and flatulence. Excited mood, reduced need for sex drive, easily excitable, causing insomnia. Ataxia, disorientation, tremors, impaired concentration, lethargy. Increase appetite. Blurred vision, double vision. Vestibular disorders . If you experience any of the above symptoms or other symptoms that are suspected to be caused by the use of the drug, you should immediately go to the nearest medical center to consult with doctors and medical staff.

4. Notes when taking Mifexton

Mifexton is contraindicated in some subjects:
Hypersensitivity to any ingredient contained in the drug. Infants and young children. It is necessary to closely monitor the use of the drug, if symptoms of angioedema appear, immediately stop taking the drug and contact a doctor. Pregnant women and lactating women. In case of use for women who are breast-feeding, if you want to use Mifexton, you will need to consult your doctor. There is currently no information on the use of Mifexton in pregnant and lactating women. People with underlying kidney disease, diabetes or heart disease. Use caution when driving long distances and operating machinery, which can cause headaches and dizziness when taking Mifexton.

5. Interactions of drugs Mifexton

Levodopa Drugs: Citicolin and Levodopa have the same effect. Because Citicolin can increase Dopamine levels in the brain. During the treatment of Parkinson's disease, the simultaneous use of Levodopa and Mifexton will have a more stable therapeutic effect. At the same time, it helps to improve and reduce unexpected effects. Meclofenoxate and Centrofenoxin: Avoid taking with Mifexton because of an adverse interaction that can reduce the effectiveness of the drug.

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