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In an effort for Lynda Russell and her husband to continue their trip around Phu Quoc, which was abandoned due to a  car accident, doctors decided to conduct surgery as soon as possible; regardless of day or night.

Icelandic tourist Lynda Russell (female, 59 years old) and her husband had to put an end to their trip around Phu Quoc on January 16th when Russell was unluckily hit by a car. She was transferred to Vinmec Phu Quoc International General Hospital. She was conscious and in pain in her left elbow and left leg. As a result of radiograph, it was found that her left elbow and left inner ankle had severely fractured.

According to doctor CKII Pham Van Minh (Department of Orthopedic Trauma, Vinmec Phu Quoc), “The elbow  fracture is greatly deviated. If she does not have surgery soon, her elbow will be stiff and deformed at the joint. She will not be able to bend or  stretch anymore. The inner ankle also requires surgery for early recovery. Naturally, the bone will take a long time to recover, making it difficult to travel and exercise. This is difficult in this case as the patient is traveling, movement is likely inevitable.

After the examination and consultation, Doctor Van Minh decided to perform the surgery as soon as possible. The expectation of the patient’s early recovery would allow for a shortened stay and treatment at hospital to enable the patient to enjoy their full holiday. Surgery was performed at 12 o’clock midnight,

Russell’s elbow fracture was treated with an anchor surgery using Kirschner nails and a steel suture. This is the best method used internationally for this type of injury. The operation also resolved the ankle fracture by slitting the skin close to the inside of the ankle so as to reach the fracture, clean  and reshape it and fix it with two screws.

Icelandic tourist, Lynda Russell shared on social media that she felt very lucky to have the surgery early. This will allow her to recover quickly and continue her travel.

The technique is not difficult but it requires anesthesia. In addition, according to Doctor Minh, “the elbow fracture is very small and contained debris. If the surgeon  was unskilful, the remaining healthy bone can break further which would later require a bone graft.”

The AESCULAP gas bone drilling system allows for control over drill speed and does not cause any further rupture or bone breakage. It will also not penetrate into other nearby healthy  parts. The steam tourniquet system minimizes blood in the surgery (blood required: approximately 20 ml) and shortens the operating time.

The patient was injected into the incision to help relieve pain about 12 hours after the surgery. After the surgery, the congestion around the fracture was drained by a closed drainage system under negative pressure (Redon), minimizing the risk of infection.

Due to the quick response and conscientious care of the doctors at Vinmec Phu Quoc, by 17th January the patient reported no pain, ate normally and was able to be discharged 3 days later.  Mrs Russell returned to Vinmec Phu Quoc after 2 weeks where it was clear she had made a quick recovery. Her elbow and left ankle were able to almost stretch normally and the initial pain was gone.Russell was assured that she was able to continue her journey around Phu Quoc.

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