Sanitize before and after oral sex

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Before and after oral sex, hygiene is very important. However, people often don't notice it. In this article, you will learn not only some hygiene tips during oral sex, but also the consequences of not doing it. When it comes to oral sex, people tend to overlook the various precautions they would likely consider during vaginal or anal sex.

1. What is oral sex?

Oral sex involves using your mouth or tongue to stimulate your partner's genitals or anus. Many people enjoy oral sex as part of their sex life, but it's a very personal thing and not everyone enjoys or chooses to do it. Different people have different sexual preferences. There are many ways to excite someone. You may decide to say no to oral sex, or you may prefer to experiment with your partner to find out what is pleasurable for both of you.
It's important to talk to your partner so you can understand what you both like and what you want to avoid. Only you and your partner can tell if you're ready to experience oral sex. Think about whether that's true and if both of you are comfortable with the decision. Talking to your partner about protection before you initiate oral sex will make things easier. This can be embarrassing, but taking responsibility for yourself and your partner is an important part of having sex. If it's too hard for you to talk about, you may not be ready to have oral sex just yet. You should never perform oral sex just because you feel forced. Don't be pressured into any sexual act with comments like "oral sex doesn't mean we've had real sex - you're still a virgin", or "have sex" Oral sex is not as dangerous as actual intercourse." If either of you isn't comfortable with that decision, it can ruin the whole experience. Oral sex will bring pleasure to both of you.
quan hệ tình dục bằng miệng
Quan hệ tình dục bằng miệng giúp cải thiện chất lượng "cuộc yêu" của nhiều cặp đôi

2. Hygiene tips before oral sex

The risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases during oral sex is very high. For this reason, it is important to attach importance to hygiene before and after oral sex.
Although you may think that hygiene before and after oral sex is the same, you need to be aware of how important hygiene is best for your health. For this, we will go deeper into the different steps that you must pay more attention to.
Hygiene before oral sex
Before any sexual activity, you should practice good hygiene as it reduces the risk of infections such as fungus or unpleasant odors.
We will start with intimate hygiene before oral sex. Wash the intimate area thoroughly with soap or, better yet, a soap made specifically for sensitive skin. Men should not forget to clean the testicles and perineal area, and women should focus on the vulva, labia majora and labia minora.
Uncircumcised men often accumulate bacteria and dirt. They can be white discharges, which produce an unpleasant odor. The way to clean in this case is to pull the foreskin back and wash it with plenty of clean water on the tip of the penis. After that, you must dry your intimate area thoroughly to avoid moisture creating conditions for fungus to grow.
In women, after cleaning the private area, including the anus, it should also be dry. It is a measure to avoid problems, such as vaginal candidiasis.
Hygiene after oral sex
After oral sex, many people often have the habit of not wanting to wash their private areas again. However, this is extremely important. Women always need to remember to clean the private area after oral sex. Cleaning the private area after oral sex offers the following benefits:
To avoid the formation of bacteria. Cleaning the genital area after oral sex helps prevent the growth of bacteria. Especially if you've used lubricants, oils, or condoms. Reduce the risk of cystitis. This is a problem that mainly affects women and can be avoided by cleaning the intimate area after oral sex. The intimate area should not be damp. If you have sex outside the house and can't afford to use the toilet, you can use disposable wipes. Therefore, it is important that you carry them with you at all times. In the absence of a bathroom, disposable wipes are an appropriate cleaning tool.
Vệ sinh trước và sau khi "yêu" bằng miệng
Vệ sinh trước và sau khi quan hệ tình dục bằng miệng giúp giảm nguy cơ mắc các bệnh lây truyền

Oral hygiene during oral sex
You have seen some hygiene tips before and after oral sex. However, you must pay special attention to oral hygiene, especially before sex. The main reason is that the mouth is a huge source of bacteria.
However, it is also important to keep in mind the importance of preventing sexually transmitted diseases. The use of condoms and dental dams are means to prevent the spread of these diseases.
People generally believe that sexually transmitted diseases are not spread from the genitals through the mouth. But this is an unfortunate mistake. For example, the spread of the human papilloma virus from the genitals can lead to oropharyngeal cancer. So, regarding hygiene, we must also mention the importance of adequate self-protection, including the step of oral hygiene during oral sex.
Sexually transmitted diseases are becoming more and more common and are a big problem of society. If you want to enjoy oral sex without worries, don't forget to consider protection methods. Cleaning before and after sex is a simple thing to do, but it can protect you from many problems, the most important of which is infection.
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