Steps to perform a straight pelvic X-ray

This article is professionally consulted by Master, Resident Doctor Tran Duc Tuan - Department of Diagnostic Imaging - Vinmec Central Park International General Hospital.
Straight pelvic X-ray is an x-ray imaging method indicated for the diagnosis of pelvic, hip, and sacroiliac joint diseases, traumatic fractures, foreign bodies, and pelvic calcifications. ... X-ray technique of straight pelvis is performed under the direction of a specialist.

Pelvic X-ray is a technique that uses a small amount of X-rays to obtain an image of the pelvis in the patient's body. This technique has significance in the diagnosis of pelvic diseases. The process of taking x-ray of the pelvis straight is relatively safe, simple, and does not cause pain and complications for the patient.
Specifically, the x-ray machine transmits radiation through the pelvis, the resulting image will be printed on film and displayed on a computer connected to the scanner. Because radiation cannot penetrate bones, sometimes the X-ray will show a white image on an x-ray image of bone, while a dark area is where the radiation can penetrate, which is body tissue.
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A straight pelvic X-ray is done in the following steps:

1. Prepare

The radiologist or radiologist will perform the straight pelvic X-ray. At the same time, facilities such as specialized x-ray machines, films, film printers, and storage systems should be fully prepared before implementation.
Patients taking X-ray of the pelvis need to remove metal objects on the pelvis so as not to affect the imaging technique.

2. Proceed

The technician receives the order to take an unprepared urological x-ray, identifies and compares the parts to be taken with the clinical diagnosis. Invite the patient into the imaging room and explain in detail the procedure. Adjust the shooting table, the ball is 1m away from the film. Instruct the patient to lie supine on the imaging table, legs extended, big toes touching, heels 5 cm apart. Adjust the central beam on the pubic joint 4cm along the mid-abdomen white line. Stick the letter F on the corresponding digitized sensor plate to the right of the patient. Enter the patient's name, age, and gender into the machine, select the computer program corresponding to the part to be scanned. Adjust technical factors (65KV, 12mAs) Ask the patient to lie still for the scan. Close the door to the x-ray room. After taking the picture, instruct the patient to wait in the waiting room to get the results. Adjust the contrast, check the balance of the images on the film. Print film, compare with satisfactory film standards.
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3. Evaluation of the results

X-ray film image of a straight pelvis that captures the entire pelvis. The spinal axis is truncated to the center of the transverse film. Film has sharpness, contrast, clean without scratches. Film with full name, marked with F, T, date of shooting. The doctor reads the lesion, describes it on a computer with an internal connection, prints the results and advises the patient and family if required. The technique of unprepared straight pelvic X-ray does not cause complications for the patient, only some errors may be encountered during the imaging process because the patient does not keep an immobile position, resulting in unrevealed film images. clear on film.

X-ray of the pelvis is usually indicated in cases where the patient has symptoms of deformity, pain in the hip, pelvis, and thigh area. At the same time, it helps doctors detect fractures after trauma, or detect infections, tumors in the pelvic area, predict the likelihood of a normal delivery in women.
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