High blood pressure is getting younger, some 30-year-olds have the disease

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High blood pressure is a common disease and is often proportional to age. High blood pressure can cause death and many serious sequelae such as coma, hemiplegia. Therefore, it is extremely important to actively learn about high blood pressure by yourself. The following article will provide important information about high blood pressure.

1. What is high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is also known as high blood pressure. This is a condition in which the blood pressure exerted on the walls of the blood vessels is increased. High blood pressure has no obvious symptoms, so you can have it for years without even knowing it. However, if not treated early, high blood pressure can cause dangerous complications such as heart attack and stroke.
To determine if you have high blood pressure or not, your doctor will base on your systolic and diastolic blood pressure measurements. If you have high blood pressure, both of these numbers will be higher than normal..

2. High blood pressure is trending in young people

According to statistics of the National Heart Institute, the number of cases of hypertension in Vietnam has increased rapidly. If in 1960, the whole population had only about 1% hypertension, but in 2008 this number increased to 25.5% and now stands at about 30% of adults, equivalent to 1 person in 4 adults with hypertension. That means nearly 11 million Vietnamese aged 25-64 have high blood pressure.
One of the leading causes of rejuvenating high blood pressure is Stress. Due to the pressure of life and work; salty diet - eating too much salt, meat and animal fat, less physical exercise, less green vegetables.... Besides, many young people are suffering from high blood pressure even though they are still in the age of tuberculosis. Active due to drinking a lot of alcohol, unscientific lifestyle.

Cao huyết áp đang trẻ hóa, có người 30 tuổi đã mắc bệnh
Một trong những nguyên nhân hàng đầu gây trẻ hóa bệnh huyết áp cao là Stress, ít rèn luyện thể dục

3. Common symptoms of high blood pressure

Most patients with high blood pressure have no specific symptoms. Only a small number of patients present with symptoms such as headache, nosebleeds, and shortness of breath. However, these symptoms are often not obvious and very difficult to recognize. It is only when the disease has progressed to a serious and life-threatening stage that the patient is aware.

4. Prevention of high blood pressure

To effectively prevent high blood pressure, you can take some of the following measures:
Build a reasonable diet. Reduce the amount of salt in your daily diet. Do not smoke, drink alcohol or use cocaine containing beverages. Maintain a reasonable body weight.
In addition, if you suspect that you have high blood pressure, you can choose the HIGH PRESSURE EXAMINATION PACKAGE at Vinmec hospital for early monitoring and timely treatment.
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Cao huyết áp đang trẻ hóa, có người 30 tuổi đã mắc bệnh
Vinmec - Địa chỉ uy tín để khám sàng lọc bệnh lý tăng huyết áp

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