The harm when the baby coughs for a long time does not go away

Baby cough for a long time that won't go away is a common condition in children, especially during periods of weather change or colder than usual. So why do children cough for a long time and why do children cough for a long time and do not go away are necessary things that parents should pay attention to to improve this situation.

1. Children cough for a long time that doesn't go away

Cough is a beneficial response of the body to bring out pathogens that enter the body such as foreign bodies, secretions..., and is also a mechanism to respond to these effects. this external movement.
Some causes of cough are:
Upper respiratory tract causes: Diseases related to the nose, throat and tonsils are diseases that often lead to cough symptoms, typically pharyngitis, rhinitis, tonsillitis ... These diseases, if not treated definitively, can cause a prolonged cough. Causes from the lower respiratory tract: Due to laryngitis, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, asthma ... are diseases of the lower airways of children, more serious in nature and cough symptoms are always present. in these diseases. Other causes: Gastroesophageal reflux, choking on water, choking on milk, allergies, inhaling cigarette smoke... In which, if the baby has a cough that doesn't get better for a long time, it is more likely due to some medical conditions. respiratory tract mentioned above, the surrounding environment or the child's drug use not according to the method and prescription of the treating doctor. In fact, the incorrect use of drugs can be:
Parents voluntarily give their children more medicine, or a higher dose than the doctor prescribed with the hope that the child will quickly recover from the disease. Parents give their children medicine at the wrong time, arbitrarily give medicine to make up for it without consulting the doctor. This is one of the causes of drug overdose as well as some liver and kidney problems in children. When the child shows signs of remission, the parents automatically let the child stop taking the medicine even though there is still medicine prescribed by the treating doctor. This will cause resistance if the child is taking antibiotics, making the disease more likely to come back and tend to be more severe. Children eat too many foods during the time of taking the medicine, so the body is not provided with enough nutrients to improve the immune system, causing the cough symptom not to be completely resolved.

2. Is it okay for a baby to cough for a long time?

Children who have a long-term cough that cannot be cured can come from very dangerous causes such as whooping cough, pneumonia, sore throat, bronchitis... so parents need to pay attention to take the child to the hospital in time.
Some ways to prevent cough are:
Fully immunize your baby. Add enough food to improve the immune system for children. Encourage your child to be active every day. Wear a mask, wash your hands often to limit the penetration of external agents. When a child has a cough, parents need to watch for warning signs such as shortness of breath, exertion of breathing, rapid breathing, consciousness... to take them to the emergency room in time.
bé ho lâu ngày không khỏi
Trường hợp bé ho lâu ngày không khỏi cha mẹ nên đưa bé đến gặp bác sĩ ngay

3. Conclusion

Children cough for a long time that doesn't go away from many reasons, it can be due to diseases, the surrounding environment and the parent's way of taking care and giving medicine, So although this is a million Symptoms are very common, but parents should not have a subjective mentality before this problem.
In order to prevent diseases that young children often get, parents should pay attention to nutrition to improve children's resistance. At the same time, add supporting foods containing lysine, essential micro-minerals and vitamins such as zinc, chromium, selenium, B vitamins,... snacks and less digestive problems.
Parents can learn more:
Why do you need to supplement Lysine for your baby? The role of zinc - Guidelines for reasonable zinc supplementation Please regularly visit the website Vinmec.com and update useful information to take care of your baby and the whole family.

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