How does the vagina change with a woman's age?

Vagina - a woman's genitals - also changes with age like other parts of the body, especially natural changes in the pelvic floor, skin thickness,... Therefore, being fully informed regarding this issue will be the key to helping women feel healthy and confident whether they are in their 20s or 65s. Certain conditions such as vaginal atrophy or vaginal dryness are also key. clarified in this article.

1. Vagina of women in their 20s - 30s

At this age, a woman's vagina is often faced with sex, contraception, pregnancy and childbirth.
Vaginal changes The color of the vulva skin will vary depending on genetics but in general, is usually lighter in color than subsequent periods. At the same time, the thickness of the skin will be thicker than in high school. During this stage, pubic hair will have full growth.
Childbirth In particular, this period is also a time when the pelvic floor is healthy, an ideal time for pregnancy and childbirth.
Sex For sexual problems, birth control methods can interfere with the natural lubrication process, causing vaginal dryness at a young age. Therefore, it is necessary to consider and control the number of relationships.
Nữ giới bị nấm Candida có nên đặt thuốc vào âm đạo?
20-30 là độ tuổi hợp lý để sinh con.

2. At the age of 30 - 40, Kegel exercises are always appreciated

Today's society is more and more modern and developed, so women also become busier. Not every woman is ready for childbirth in her 20s to 30s, although this is a very ideal age. Instead, according to statistics, the number of women who decide to have children after the age of 30 is increasing gradually over time.
Vaginal changes Vaginal pigmentation can change, becoming darker with age or after childbirth. Pubic hair and skin elasticity are generally unchanged.
Childbirth Notably, at this age, the health of the pelvic floor has a significant decline, as the pelvic muscles that support the bladder, uterus and intestines face a multitude of problems such as urination, Vaginal heaviness, genital prolapse, etc. Natural childbirth can increase these symptoms.
Experts in Obstetrics and Gynecology said that if you choose the natural method of childbirth when you are over 30 years old, the vagina will need more time to recover.
Sex There is not much difference between sexual desire between the two ages above, however, external pressures such as children, family,... and work stress can be denser in age. after 30. So sex drive sometimes tends to decrease.
For women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, the body will enter a state similar to menopause, causing uncomfortable symptoms, vaginal dryness, making intercourse extremely difficult.
Expert advice:
During this period, you need to perform pelvic floor exercises, also known as Kegels to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, make this muscle group stronger, prevent injury during childbirth, support recovery after childbirth and reduce the risk of problems related to the bladder, intestines, genital prolapse,...

3. At the age of 40-50, how does the vagina change?

Most women will probably go through perimenopause when they turn 40, and this period can last about 4 years before fully transitioning to menopause.
Vaginal changes When perimenopause occurs, a middle-aged woman's vagina will have significant changes. The level of estrogen will decrease gradually but not continuously. As a result, a series of symptoms that negatively affect daily life will occur, including:
Irregular menstruation. Vaginal dryness. Flushing. Reduced estrogen leads to decreased blood supply to the vaginal and vulvar area. Vaginal tissue will have less and less collagen as well as vaginal pH changes. The pubic hair will be thinner, and the vulva and vagina will be drier. The symptoms of perimenopause are generally exhausting for women, however, the extent will vary from person to person.
Childbirth Pregnancy and childbirth between the ages of 40 and 50 can put a lot of pressure on the pelvic floor. Therefore, if you really want to have a baby during this time, you need to maintain Kegel exercises to protect and improve pelvic floor health. After giving birth, the vagina also takes longer to heal.
Sex During this time, vaginal dryness especially affects sex life. In addition to using lubricants, experts recommend spending a lot of time foreplay.
Physically, having sex can come with joint problems because joints and muscles will age in certain places.
Các tác nhân gây khô âm đạo
Âm đạo khô là một trong các triệu chứng thường xảy ra ở phụ nữ độ tuổi 40-50.

4. Middle-aged woman's vagina after 50 years old

Most women go through menopause or start menopause around the age of 50.
How does the vagina change? When you pass the age of 50, pubic hair will become gray and sparse. In addition, you will face vaginal atrophy: The vagina, vulva and cervix are smaller in size, pale in color, the skin area becomes thin because of low estrogen.
Childbirth Women who are pregnant and give birth in their 50s are considered abnormal and face many problems such as genital prolapse.
Sex Estrogen levels at age 50 are extremely low, vaginal discharge is very little and over time some tissues inside the vagina can tear during penetration because they are so thin. This leads to problems like pain, vaginal bleeding during sex.
It can be said that vaginal and sexual health, pregnancy - childbirth will have different changes throughout women's ages. Therefore, you need to understand the knowledge related to the vagina to ensure a healthy, scientific schedule.
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