Body fatigue, frequent muscle and joint pain, parkinson's disease?

I say hello to the doctor. My husband is a Japanese 33 years old this year, he has muscle pain when moving, walking, shady limbs like crawling ants, body is tired, when walking for a long time, muscles aching, holding objects falls, sleeps a lot, sweats and drools a lot. I went to both Japan and Vietnam for medical check-ups and scans, but the doctor only said it was due to cervical spondylosis, but he didn't have any back pain, no joint pain at all. This condition lasted for more than 2 years and did not go away. Is it parkinson's disease?
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Hi, thank you for submitting your question about Vinmec Health System. Symptoms of the disease as you say are not typical of Parkinson's disease, it may be neuromuscular disease. I don't know which hospitals she took her husband to in Vietnam, but first of all, she needs to take her husband to a neurologist for a specific assessment to be able to accurately diagnose the disease. my husband. I can take my husband to be examined at the hospitals of Vinmec Health system. Thank you, I hope your husband gets well soon.
Master, Doctor Vu Duy Dung - Doctor of Neurology - Department of General Internal Medicine - Vinmec Times City International Hospital

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