What to do if the baby is infected with the typhus virus?

My baby is only 2.5 years old, every time the weather changes, he has a fever with cough, runny nose, anorexia and sometimes mild diarrhea, but after going to the doctor, he always has a viral fever. and do not prescribe antibiotics. This time the fever, I did not take him to the doctor, but only cleaned his nose and throat and cured himself by steaming kumquats with alum sugar (stealing him with this medicine). However, after nearly 1 week, the child's cough and fever improved, but he noticed more red rashes on his chest, abdomen and back before spreading to his hands and neck. I did not see the baby showing signs of itching or discomfort. I was advised by an acquaintance that my child has a viral fever and a rash is normal, thinking that he is about to recover. Ask the doctor to help answer that is it right and when I have a viral fever with such a rash, do I need to take any medicine?
Ngoc Trang ( Hanoi )

Hi there! With your child's condition, it is necessary to let him rest in bed until the fever is completely gone.
Reduce fever for children properly: If the baby's fever is higher than 38.5°C, you can give him paracetamol according to the doctor's instructions, cool the child with warm water. Add enough water: children should be encouraged to drink enough water, mineral electrolytes, lemon juice, fresh fruit juice... to avoid dehydration. Give your baby a cough medicine of herbal origin to soothe inflammation and pain in the throat. Be careful when using honey for children under 1 year old. Feed your baby soft, easy-to-digest foods such as soup, dilute porridge, milk... Cleanse the skin and body fully, avoid wind and hydrophobicity by covering the baby with blankets, not cleaning the baby's body. If the child's fever does not improve, the child understands that he is comatose, has convulsions ..., you need to take the child to the hospital immediately.
BSCK I Bui Thi Ha - Pediatrician - Neonatologist - Department of Pediatrics - Neonatology, Vinmec Ha Long General Hospital

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