What treatment should be used for people with vocal cord paralysis?

Hello doctor! My mother has paralysis of the vocal cords after thyroid surgery, please advise me on treatment methods.
Mai Thi Ly (1990)
Hello! The main purpose of surgery is to reshape the vocal cords to improve voice quality (Medialization). Usually the doctor will monitor for 6-9 months to see if there is a spontaneous recovery or self-regulation of the remaining vocal cords. Depending on the specific effect and assessment, some methods may be indicated such as injection thyroplasty with materials such as autologous fat or surgery such as: Type 1 Isshiki thyroplasty or Laryngeal reinnervation. I should take my mother to see the ear, nose and throat department at Vinmec hospital for specific advice!
Thank you for submitting your question to Vinmec Health System. Best regards!
Doctor Le Van Quang - Ear, Nose Throat Doctor - Department of Medical Examination & Internal Medicine, Vinmec Nha Trang General Hospital

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