How to increase body endurance?

Endurance is the energy and endurance that allows you to sustain physical or mental exertion for a long period of time. Increasing your body's endurance helps you to increase your ability to withstand hardship, stress, and reduce fatigue and burnout whether you are pursuing a long-term plan or exercising. Having good endurance will help you perform your daily activities at a higher level while using less energy.

1. Some ways to increase the body's endurance

1.1. Exercise When you feel tired or sluggish, exercise may be the last thing on your mind. But did you know that exercise enhances your body's stamina. A study was conducted on people who often experience work-related fatigue: after 6 weeks of exercise intervention, better work performance, sleep and cognitive ability improved.
1. 2. Yoga and meditation Yoga and meditation can greatly increase your endurance and your ability to handle stress. They help improve stress tolerance and increase feelings of happiness. Yoga practitioners also have greater endurance and less fatigue.
1. 3. Music Listening to music while exercising can increase the working efficiency of the heart. When exercisers listen to their favorite music while exercising, they feel they need less effort and their heart rate slows down.
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1. 4. Caffeine Caffeine can help increase athletic performance. Some male swimmers took about 3mg of caffeine before sprinting. These athletes have shortened the time to complete the exercise compared to normal without increasing the heart rate. Caffeine can give you a fitness boost on days when you feel too tired to exercise. However, you should avoid becoming dependent on caffeine or drinks high in sugar or artificially flavored.

2. Some tips in strength training

2.1 Reduce recovery time between sets If you are participating in gym or home workouts, to increase your endurance you should limit your recovery time (rest time) between sessions. Set down to 30-90 seconds. Reduce the rest time between sets and reduce the weight of the exercise. Instead, do more reps and rest for 30 seconds or less between sets. That is the best way to increase the endurance of the body.
2.2 Maintain balance Taking breaks and working out harder is a great way to increase your body's stamina. However, don't forget that your body still needs proper rest. You put in a lot of effort when training and try to maintain a strict workout regimen every day. In the end you find that the results of your training decrease and decrease. If you feel the gym exercises are too heavy for you, relax, instead go for a light jog, bike ride, swim or join a yoga class instead of going to the gym every day. You can only achieve your goals if your body feels completely at ease.
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2.3 Increase the intensity if you want You've kept a steady workout intensity for a long time, but if you really want to increase your body's endurance, it's time to increase the intensity of your training. Experts recommend doing short exercises at sprint speeds. Examples include jogging, rowing or biking, squats or push-ups.
2.4 . Remember the rule: “Frequency + Duration” A slight burning sensation, followed by a sharp (but brief) pain is a good sign that you are really working your muscles. But don't forget the two principles that help you build your body's endurance: "frequency and duration". You can help your body relax by taking a day off from exercise a week, but don't forget to exercise regularly 3 to 5 times a week for at least 20 minutes each time.

2.5 . Using Mental Strength Another important way to increase your physical fitness is to use mental strength. Your spirit or determination plays a decisive role in whether you will keep trying or give up. If you want to increase your fitness with rigorous training regimens, you need determination and consistency first.
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