What effect does vitamin B5 have on the skin?

Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) is one of the most important vitamins for human life, they work to create blood cells and help convert food into energy, especially they also bring many benefits. Skin health benefits. Therefore, they are present in many cosmetic and medicinal products. So what exactly does vitamin B5 do for the skin?

1. What is Vitamin B5?

Vitamin B5 is a water-soluble vitamin found in plant and animal food sources. This is one of the B-complex vitamins, involved in regulating many physiological processes inside the body and contributing to overall health. Your body needs vitamin B5 to:
Maintain the function of the liver and nervous system Keep the digestive tract healthy Produce red blood cells so that the blood delivers oxygen throughout the body Maintains skin, eyes and hair healthy Vitamin B5 is commercially available as pantothenic acid - a chemical that is prepared in a laboratory. Pantothenic acid is widely used in hair and skin care cosmetics, as well as medicines and supplements. Provitamin B5 (or panthenol) is the alcohol form of vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid.
vitamin B5
Vitamin B5 được tìm thấy ở những thực phẩm từ động vật và thực vật

2. What effect does Vitamin B5 have on the skin?

Thanks to its immense benefits, vitamin B5 or Provitamin B5 is often included in the ingredient lists of skin and hair care products. This nutrient not only moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin, but also helps to solve skin problems such as dryness, itching, acne and redness.
2.1. As a natural humectant Vitamin B5 is a natural humectant, known to retain moisture and stabilize the skin barrier function, increasing the skin's ability to retain water. Vitamin B5 in skin care cosmetics is often listed under the names d-panthenol, dl-panthenol or dexpanthenol. People with dry or rough skin should use vitamin B5 serum to hydrate and moisturize the skin very effectively.
Using vitamin B5 in cosmetics also prevents water loss that causes dry, flaky and itchy skin, helps maintain softness and elasticity of the skin. This property is also beneficial in the treatment of atopic dermatitis.

2.2. Anti-aging Panthenol is extracted from vitamin B5, has the effect of soothing and softening the skin. Therefore, many cosmetic brands have used this nutrient to create anti-aging products. Exfoliation promotes the growth of new and younger skin cells. In addition, vitamin B5 for the skin also hydrates and moisturizes the epidermis, making your appearance appear fuller, plumper and more youthful.
Pantothenic acid or Provitamin B5 also promotes the production of fibroblasts in the dermis (the layer where wrinkles form) and increases collagen, glycan and elastin formation, which helps fight the signs of aging.
2.3. Prevention of skin redness and anti-inflammatory Dexpanthenol has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. When applied topically, it protects the skin from erythema or redness from UV exposure.
One study found that dexpanthenol helped minimize skin roughness and inflammation caused by the foaming agent in cleansers and shampoos (Sodium Laureth Sulfate - SLS). In addition, vitamin B5 can also help control skin irritation and contact dermatitis or diaper rash in children.
Kem bôi tay kem dưỡng ẩm tay
Thoa kem chứa Dexpanthenol giúp chống viêm da và bảo vệ làn da khỏi một số tác nhân gây hại
Thanks to its ability to increase the growth of structural proteins (such as collagen), topical application of pantothenic acid also has the ability to heal wounds and fade scars. Therefore, beauty brands have applied the above benefits to vitamin B5 acne products.
2.4. The effective antioxidant Provitamin B5 or d-panthenol helps increase glutathione production in the skin. This ingredient binds free radicals and peroxides, helping to reduce melanin formation. Thanks to that, vitamin B5 serum limits the appearance of dark spots on the face, giving users radiant, bright skin.
2.5. Supports Chronic Conditions The most interesting use of vitamin B5 for the skin may be to help with certain skin conditions. Medicines containing vitamin B5 are prescribed to treat a variety of conditions, from minor skin irritations to large scar lesions. Natural skin care products also contain vitamins, which provide anti-inflammatory benefits and reduce the discomfort of symptoms, such as eczema.
2.6. Hormone stimulant Vitamin B5 is a synthetic substance, which helps the body produce and use vital ingredients for survival. Vitamin B5 contributes to the creation of proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, fats and antibiotics, as well as to the stimulation of adrenal hormones. All of the above roles and factors are essential for the life of the body.

2.7. Strengthens the Immune System The immune system is responsible for fighting off diseases and infections that attack the body. But not everyone has a healthy immune system. Adding enough vitamin B5 to the diet can help strengthen resistance, limit the risk of disease by increasing the strength of white blood cells. Furthermore, a strong immune system makes it easier for the skin to recover from minor scratches or infections.
2.8. Reducing stress Stress is directly related to chemicals and hormones in the body that make you feel anxious or depressed when faced with certain situations. If you're under constant stress, increasing your daily vitamin B5 intake can help. The vitamins will aid in regulating the hormones that make you stressed and anxious. Doctors have proven that people who are less stressed have healthier skin. This is another benefit of vitamin B5 for the skin.
Mất ngủ dẫn đến trầm cảm
Vitamin B5 và trầm cảm có sự liên quan mật thiết với nhau

3. Foods rich in vitamin B5

A lack of vitamin B5 in the body can cause a host of health problems, making you feel weak, exhausted, or lose sensation in your legs. In addition to overcoming the above problems, getting enough vitamin B5 - about 5 mg per day for adults, also brings many other benefits. Among them, the most prominent are the benefits of vitamin B5 for the skin.
You can easily get vitamin B5 by following a balanced diet that includes:
Fish and seafood: Salmon and lobster Meat: Beef, chicken and turkey Dairy products : Yogurt, milk and dairy products Legumes: Soybeans and peas Grains: Especially whole grains Vegetables: Broccoli, avocado, cauliflower, cabbage, tomatoes, Corn and sweet potatoes In short, vitamin B5 in cosmetics is an essential nutrient, helping to promote the skin's natural repair process, as well as promote skin health by rejuvenating and softening.
References: stylecraze.com, timelessha.com, skinceuticals.com

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