Uses of Slimgar

Slimgar drugs have the effect of reducing digestion and reducing fat absorption, used to support weight loss in cases of overweight and obesity with risk factors for cardiovascular disease or have applied weight loss measures that do not bring results. effective.

1. What effect does Slimgar have?

Slimgar has the main ingredient Orlistat, which is made in the form of hard capsules with different strengths such as Slimgar 60 with the active ingredient Orlistat 60mg, Slimgar 120 with the active ingredient Orlistat 120mg.
Orlistat is a reversible lipase inhibitor. Drugs have therapeutic effects by being inside the lumen of the stomach and small intestine, they form a covalent bond at the active serine site of gastric and pancreatic lipase. Lipase will be inactivated, so it loses the ability to hydrolyze fat in food in the form of triglycerides into free fatty acids and monoglycerides for absorption by the body. Triglycerides are neither digested nor absorbed, thus having a positive effect on weight control.
The effect of Orlistat causing an increase in stool fat is also seen 24 - 48 hours after ingestion. Upon discontinuation of treatment, stool fat levels return to pre-treatment levels, usually within 48-72 hours.
Because after oral administration orlistat is very little absorbed. Mainly in the gastrointestinal tract and causes local effects. Therefore, about 97% of this drug when taken orally is eliminated in the feces and of that about 83% as the original orlistat. The total amount of orlistat that accumulates is also excreted by the kidneys less than 2% of the dose.

2. Indications and contraindications of Slimgar

2.1. Indications Slimgar is used in combination with a slightly reduced calorie diet in the treatment of obesity and prevention of weight gain in patients with a body mass index (BMI) 30 kg/m2 or in overweight patients. weight (BMI ≥ 28 kg/m2) with other disease risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia.
2.2.Contraindications Contraindicated to use Slimgar in the following cases:
Patients with hypersensitivity to active ingredient orlistat or hypersensitivity to any ingredient of the drug. Chronic malabsorption syndrome or cholestasis. Pregnant women and lactating women.

3. Dosage and how to use Slimgar

Treatment of obesity (BMI over 30) and prevention of weight gain in adults and adolescents 12 years of age and older: Take 120mg x 3 times/day with each main fat meal. At a therapeutic dose of 120 mg 3 times a day, orlistat has the ability to inhibit the absorption of fat in food by about 30%. Overweight (BMI over 28) 18 years and older: Take 60 mg x 3 times/day with each fatty meal. How to use:
Patients should take Slimgar with water just before, during or up to 1 hour after each main meal. If a meal is missed or a fat-free meal is missed, there is no need to take orlistat again to replenish the missed dose. Doses more than 3 times/day do not add to the benefit, so use only the prescribed dose. If a patient is unable to lose about 5% of their body weight after 12 weeks of treatment with orlistat, a doctor or pharmacist should be consulted. Proper diet and exercise are important parts of a weight loss program. It is recommended that a program of diet and exercise be initiated prior to initiation of orlistat treatment. Patients should follow a nutritionally balanced and slightly reduced calorie diet, containing about 30% of calories from fat. It is advisable to distribute the appropriate amount of fat, carbohydrates and protein daily into 3 main meals. Diet and exercise should be continued after treatment with orlistat is discontinued. The safety and effectiveness of this drug when taken for more than 4 years have not been evaluated. Children: The safety and effectiveness of this drug in children under 12 years of age have not been established.
For the elderly: Data on the use of Orlistat in the elderly are limited. The effects of Orlistat in people with liver or kidney failure have not been studied. However, because orlistat is poorly absorbed when taken orally, no dose adjustment is required in the elderly and in those with hepatic or renal impairment.

4. Side effects of Slimgar

When using Slimgar you may experience unwanted effects, including:
Common side effects during treatment with Slimgar, especially when there is a lot of fat in the meal, is a disorder. Digestive system includes: feeling of urgency and incontinence, bloating, and greasy stools. Uncommon: Respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections, fatigue, restlessness. Other possible side effects include headache, anxiety, fatigue, rectal bleeding, elevated liver enzymes, pancreatitis, diverticulitis, hypersensitivity reactions, and menstrual irregularities. However, these side effects are rare. If the side effects become severe or persist while taking the medicine, you should tell your doctor for advice.

5. Things to note when taking Slimgar

Things to keep in mind when taking Slimgar are:
Orlistat should be used with caution in patients with a history of hyperoxaluria or calcium oxalate stones in the kidney. The dose of antidiabetic agents should be adjusted in cases at risk of hypoglycaemia in patients with type II diabetes because metabolic control is improved after weight loss in these patients. Supplementation of fat-soluble vitamins is recommended, which may be necessary during long-term treatment. However, patients should take vitamins at least 2 hours before or after taking orlistat or at bedtime. The effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives such as birth control pills , IUDs or implants may be reduced in cases where orlistat causes severe diarrhea . Therefore, it is recommended that patients who want to avoid pregnancy need to use an additional method of contraception. If the desired effect is not achieved after about 3 months of treatment, an adjustment is needed or if 5% of weight loss is not achieved, the drug should not be continued. Pregnancy and lactation is not recommended due to insufficient data. Drug interactions: This drug when used can cause interactions with drugs such as fat-soluble vitamins, oral anticoagulants, oral contraceptives, Cyclosporin, levothyroxine, antiepileptic drugs... Therefore, patients Tell your doctor about any medications you take. Slimgar should only be used when you have applied weight loss measures but have not been effective or accompanied by high-risk diseases. To ensure safety, patients should carefully read the instructions before use and consult a doctor, pharmacist for advice.
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