Vinmec Healthcare System is a not-for profit institution, invested by Vingroup Corporation - Vietnam’s leading private economic consortium with the mission of “We care with compassion, professionalism, and wisdom”.

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hospitals are accredited by JCI - International Accreditation Standard for healthcare organizations
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Our doctors

Vinmec gathers a team of experts, doctors, pharmacists and nurses who are highly trained and receive in depth training in Vietnam and many countries with developed Medicine such as the US, UK, France … Vinmec always considers patients as the core, and commits to providing comprehensive and high quality healthcare services to our customers.

Bác sĩ, Specialist Level 2 Doctor Bùi Lê Phước Thu Thảo

15 năm kinh nghiệm trong lĩnh vực Ung bướu - Xạ trị, đặc biệt có chuyên môn sâu điều trị các ...

Professor, Ph.D, MD Vo Thanh Nhan

Prof. Vo Thanh Nhan has extremely teaching experienced at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City, as ...

MSc, MD Ho Thi Xuan Nga

Dr. Ho Thi Xuan Nga has 15 years’ experience in cardiology, especially in anesthesia and resuscitation for cardiovascular surgery in adults ...

Ph.D, MD Le Tan Dat

With experience and training in medical oncology, in cancer biology, biotherapy at many domestic and international centers, Dr Dat has joined ...

Bác sĩ, Associate Professor, Ph.D, MD Nguyễn Tấn Cường

42 năm kinh nghiệm công tác trong lĩnh vực Ngoại tiêu hoá, Gan - Mật - Tuỵ. Ông có kinh nghiệm chuyên ...

Associate Professor, MD Kelly M. Smith

Clinical Assistant Professor Kelly M. Smith received her bachelor degree in biology and English at Stanford University in 1997. She spent two ...

Associate Professor, Ph.D, MD Yi Hyeon Gyu

Prof. Yi Hyeon Gyu is Head of Oncology and Hematology Department CUM Head of Oncology and Hematology Clinic in Vinmec Times ...

Bác sĩ, Associate Professor, Ph.D, MD Phạm Đức Huấn

Chuyên gia hàng đầu Việt Nam về phẫu thuật tiêu hóa, thực hiện thành công hơn 1000 ca phẫu thuật nội ...

With our not-for-profit organization, Vinmec is always a pioneer in the application of the world’s latest treatments and perfect service quality to become an international standard healthcare address in Vietnam.

The world’s most advanced equipment

Not only having a civilized, luxurious and modern medical examination and treatment space, Vinmec also focuses on synchronous investment in the world’s leading modern equipment system, to effectively support diagnosis and treatment.

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The most modern Hybrid operating room all over the world
  • The first Hybrid Discovery IGS 730 (GE Healthcare - USA) in Vietnam
Advanced 640-slice CT scanner
  • • Fast speed, high resolution
  • • Applying in Coronary angiography, hence, the patient doesn’t need to take heart rate lowering agents, and helps reduce radiation dose
Modern 16-slice SPECT / CT system
  • • Use specific radioactive tracer to evaluate perfusion function of heart muscle, liver, kidney, …
Truebeam accelerated radiotherapy machine NDS120HD V2.7 (USA)
  • • Equipped with HyperArc technology, which helps increase the accuracy and shorten the surgery by accelerator.
International standard inpatient room
  • • Standard room
  • • VIP room

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