Can elevated liver enzymes be vaccinated against hepatitis B?

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Doctor, can I get hepatitis B vaccine if elevated liver enzymes? Looking forward to consulting your doctor. Thank you doctor!
Miai (1996)
Hello! Regarding the issue of elevated liver enzymes, you must screen for the cause of the increase in liver enzymes, including hepatitis B and how the liver enzyme values ​​increase. Based on this screening result, if your liver enzymes are not too high and you have not been infected with the hepatitis B virus before, you can still get the hepatitis B vaccine and depending on the situation, your doctor will decide whether to get vaccinated immediately or not. Wait for the treatment to increase liver enzymes before you get vaccinated.
Thank you for your question to Vinmec Health System. Best regards.
Doctor Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Nam - Emergency Medicine Doctor - Emergency Resuscitation Department - Vinmec Central Park International General Hospital.
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