How to take care of the skin of the intimate area

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Vaginal skin care helps promote healthy vulvar skin. This article helps to provide you with products and methods to help alleviate or relieve burning, irritation or itching of the vulva/vagina as well as taking care of your intimate health properly.

1. Laundry products

You should choose specialized detergent brands on all laundry. Use them for each wash, using only 1/3 to 1/2 of the recommended amount of detergent per wash. If you have a high-performance washing machine, use the smallest amount of detergent possible. Rinse your clothes twice and wash your underwear by hand.

2. Clothes

Choosing cotton underwear is a way to care for the skin of the private area to help the private area cool and escape moisture more easily. You should wear cream and white underwear so that abnormalities can be clearly detected.
Do not wear nylon underwear; Do not wear long pants and do not wear underwear when sleeping at night. Wear loose cotton shorts or cotton pajamas.

3. Bathing

Do not use perfumed soaps, shower gels or gels to clean the intimate area. These may smell good, but they can be irritating. Do not use soaps, foams, bath salts, and fragrance oils directly on the skin of the vulva. Use warm water and hands to gently wash the intimate area to help clean the vulva area without irritating the skin. You can apply a neutral (unscented) oil or lotion to damp skin after getting out of the bath or shower. Do not apply lotion to the vulva. Do not scrub the vulvar skin with a towel. Pat dry instead of rubbing with a towel. Or use a hair dryer on cool setting to dry the vulva.
Bồn tắm ngồi vệ sinh vùng kín sau sinh thường
chăm sóc da vùng kín bằng cách không sử dụng nước hoa để vệ sinh vùng kín

4. Hygiene

When cleaning the private area, please note the following skin care tips:
Use white, unscented toilet paper. Pat dry instead of wiping. Do not douche. Soaking in baking soda or rinsing with warm water will help remove more discharge and help eliminate odors. Do not shave or use hair removal products on the vulva area. You can use scissors to trim the pubic hair close to the vulva. You can choose laser hair removal. Don't use feminine hygiene sprays or perfumes on your private parts. If urinating causes your skin to burn, pour warm water over your vulva when you pee to dilute it. Tampons should be changed when used in 4 hours or less.

5. Note when taking care of private skin with ointments and creams

Buy paraben-free and fragrance-free ointments.
You can use a skin protectant on the vulva as often as needed. It is best to use a thin layer:
Extra virgin olive oil Vegetable oil Coconut oil Zinc oxide ointment You can use this product as often as needed to protect the skin.
It also helps reduce skin irritation during menstruation and when you pee.

6. Take care of the skin of the private area by keeping it dry

For women with chronic wetness problems:
Choose cotton pants. Keep an extra pair of underwear with you and change if you keep the vaginal area moist.
mùi vùng kín
Sử dụng đồ lót chất liệu cotton cũng là cách giúp bạn chăm sóc da vùng kín

7. Skin care in the private part of sex

You can help relieve dryness during sex by using a lubricant. If using a non-lubricant, non-spermicidal condom, vegetable oil can be used as a lubricant. This will help keep the semen from sticking to the skin and can reduce burning and irritation after sex. Use a small amount of extra virgin vegetable oil (thick, liquid or extra virgin olive oil). These oils are free of chemicals that can irritate vulvar/vaginal skin. The vegetable oil will wash off with water and will not increase the chance of infection. This is also a way to take care of the skin of the intimate area to help the vulva stay soft. After sex, you can urinate and gently clean with clean water, do not douche too deeply.

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