What does mineral water do for the skin?

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Mineral spray is no longer a strange concept to women because of the amazing functions of this skin care product. However, not everyone understands the effects of mineral sprays on the skin.

1. What is mineral spray?

Mineral spray is a cosmetic product produced in liquid form, containing many nutrients, especially essential minerals for the skin such as calcium, silicon & magnesium, hydrogen carbonate, sodium, manganese & fluorine. Mineral spray is designed in a bottle and has a mist spray head, making it easy for users to use.
To achieve the best effect, women should spray at the following times:
Mineral spray before going to bed as a daily skin care step Mineral spray after waking up to make the skin full of vitality Mineral spray before and after makeup Spray when sitting in an air-conditioned room for too long or just walking in the sun for a long time. Although mineral spray has many good uses for the skin, please use it properly, do not overdo it to cause addiction as well as bad effects on the skin.
Xịt khoáng
Xịt khoáng là loại mỹ phẩm được sản xuất dưới dạng lỏng, bên trong có nhiều dưỡng chất, đặc biệt là các chất khoáng cần thiết cho da

2. Choose the right mineral spray for your skin

To meet the needs of women, besides moisturizing mineral sprays, cosmetic companies have developed many different types of mineral sprays such as sunscreen spray, acne mineral spray...
In addition to Choose mineral spray according to the purpose of use, you can choose mineral spray suitable for your skin:
Oily skin: Oily skin always makes many women have a headache when choosing cosmetics in general and mineral spray in particular. To choose a mineral spray with oily skin, you must pay attention to the salt content in it, the high amount of salt will help oily skin stay dry and less oily throughout the day. Dry skin: This is the skin that needs to be moisturized the most, you should choose a mineral spray with a low salt content and ingredients extracted from ingredients that have a moisturizing function for the skin such as grapes, aloe. ... Sensitive skin: Women who own sensitive skin will not have to worry when choosing the right mineral spray for this red skin. You should choose a mineral spray with the main ingredient being water and low salt content to balance moisture as well as protect your skin. Acne skin: When the skin is damaged by acne, you should choose a mineral spray with low salt content, simple ingredients or with additional acne treatment nutrients.
Xịt khoáng
Ngoài việc chọn xịt khoáng theo mục đích sử dụng, chị em có thể lựa chọn xịt khoáng phù hợp với làn da của mình

3. What is the effect of mineral water spray?

3.1 Clean skin Many women use mineral spray as an alternative to normal water. Moreover, in daily life, your skin is often exposed to pollution, dirt, just using mineral spray, this layer of dirt has been partially cleaned, protecting the skin from the penetration of bacteria. bacteria.
3.2 Instant moisture The main function of mineral spray is to provide moisture quickly. The moisture of the skin will gradually lose when you go to work, go out or go to school, the quick solution here is mineral spray. Skin will be watered with a thin mist, regaining freshness and radiance.
3.3 Skin care Because mineral water will help moisturizer penetrate faster, many women have used them before applying moisturizer. After using you will feel the cream penetrates the skin faster than usual, dry and does not need to wait for the cream to dry before going to bed after a tiring day of work.
3.4 Makeup base Mineral mist is often used before makeup, partly to help provide moisture to the skin, awakening the best condition of the skin so that the makeup is more natural. In addition, mineral spray as a base to protect the skin by the effects of cosmetics.
3.5 Lock in makeup If you are a follower of makeup trends, mist spray is like the right hand of many makeup artists around the world. When this product helps the makeup to become perfect, more natural, especially longer lasting than not using it.
Xịt khoáng
Xịt khoáng giúp lớp makeup trở lên hoàn hảo, tự nhiên hơn đặc biệt là lâu trôi hơn
3.6 Helps your hair to stay in place Mineral spray is a quick solution to help you regain the complete hairstyle and simple styling that many women are using today.
3.7 Help office ladies get back to work Working in an office with air conditioning makes your skin speak if it is not protected and cared for. Mineral spray will take care of this job for you. Whenever you feel your spirit going down or your skin drier, spray it on and feel the coolness of the nourishing mist. Guaranteed to get you back to work in no time.
Once you know the use and how to use mineral spray with each skin, you can buy a mineral spray bottle with you to take care of your skin when needed. This is also considered an important step to help the skin become more radiant and bright.

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