Can white hair go back to its original color?

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Graying or turning white hair can have many different causes, including genetics, nutrient deficiencies, or certain medical conditions. The restoration of white hair back to its original natural color still has many deep problems. This will depend mainly on the root cause of white hair.

1. Why does hair turn white?

Normally, melanin is the pigment that produces melanocytes, which determines the natural color of human hair and skin. However, when the body loses or does not produce this pigment anymore, it will cause the hair to turn silver or white.
The less melanin the body has, the lighter the hair color will become. Silver/gray hair will still have a small amount of melanin, while white hair usually doesn't have this type of pigment.
As people age, the loss or cessation of melanin production in the hair is an inevitable law of nature. In fact, scientists have estimated that the graying of hair in each person increases by about 20% each decade after the age of 30. Some people may even have hair. silver color a little earlier due to health problems or genetic factors.
Currently, there is a lot of unverified information about restoring the natural hair color when the hair begins to turn silver or white. Although a deficiency of certain nutrients or having other medical conditions can lead to premature graying of hair, we cannot restore our natural hair color if graying is caused by hereditary or natural aging.
If you are struggling to find a method to prevent the speed of gray hair, changes in your daily diet can bring certain effects, but this should only be applied if the nutritional problem Nutrition is the root cause of gray hair.
Here, we'll share some of the most common myths about gray hair treatment, and give you some other options you can choose from to improve and preserve your natural hair color. mine.
Melanin là yếu tố quyết định màu sắc của tóc

2. Why can't natural hair color change if the cause is genetic?

In the core, the hair is usually naturally white. Meanwhile, the pigment melanin is mainly responsible for the hair color you are born with, based on genetics. Hair follicles contain cells through which melanin can produce pigments, combined with the protein keratin.
Usually after the age of 30, the amount of melanin in the hair will gradually decrease over time. However, the rate of hair loss is largely determined by your genes. This means, if you have parents with premature graying of hair, there is a high chance that you will also have the same condition.
In general, you will not be able to restore your hair to its natural color if the main cause of graying is genetic. Once the hair follicles lose the pigment melanin, they cannot produce it on their own. When melanin production slows down, your hair is at risk of turning gray, and eventually white, when this production has stopped altogether.
di truyền
Nếu màu tóc có tính chất di truyền sẽ không thể thay đổi được

3. Treatment of premature graying of hair

Some young people experience premature graying of hair (before the age of 20 -30 years) usually due to genetics. In addition, there are a number of other causes for this problem, including nutrient deficiencies and underlying medical conditions.
You should talk to a specialist soon if you are in the following cases:
Nutritional deficiencies If you still regularly apply a balanced and reasonable diet, there is a high chance that Premature graying of hair will not be associated with any nutrient deficiencies.
On the contrary, if your diet lacks some essential substances, especially those that play an important role in the production of melanin in the hair follicles, then the risk of premature graying of hair is high. . For example, vitamin B12 deficiency - the main culprit leading to premature graying of hair in young people. In addition, inadequate intake of substances such as folate, iron and copper also contributes to an increased risk of disease.
To improve this, you should fully add vitamins and other necessary substances to your daily diet. After a while, your natural hair color will start to return. However, you should talk to your doctor thoroughly before using any type of melanin supplement. Your doctor may ask you to take blood tests to see if you really need them.
Also, taking supplements to treat premature graying won't work unless you've been diagnosed with a deficiency in any of these nutrients.
Certain health problems Premature graying of hair can be related to certain health problems, such as:
Thyroid disease Vitiligo Alopecia areata In fact, fluctuating Hormones in the body also play a part in premature graying of hair. In general, controlling these health conditions will help you quickly restore your melanin pigment and natural hair color over time.
kỹ thuật đốt nhân tuyến giáp bằng sóng cao tần không để lại sẹo tại vị trị phẫu thuật do không xâm lấn, rạch mổ
Bệnh nhân tuyến giáp tăng nguy cơ bị tóc bạc

4. Some myths about how to restore hair color

Gray hair is an inevitable result of the natural aging process, genetic factors, nutrient deficiencies and certain medical conditions. However, there are still many myths about natural remedies and some products that promise to restore your hair color.
Use Melanin Supplements Because certain nutrients play a role in overall melanin production, some manufacturers recommend that people use melanin supplements to combat the problem. deal with gray hair. Some popular supplements, including zinc, biotin, selenium, or vitamin B12 and vitamin D3.
However, these supplements will not actually improve melanin deficiency, unless you have gray hair due to nutrient deficiency.
Hair conditioner On the market today, there are many homemade hair cream recipes that are advertised as being able to help gray hair back. These recipes often use a combination of ingredients like coconut oil, essential oils or lemon juice to reduce inflammation and boost your scalp's essential antioxidants.
Although your hair may become soft and shiny after using hair conditioners, the chances of these formulas helping to promote the production of melanin pigment in the body are very low.
Goodbye gray hair with potato skins One of the other natural methods that have been passed down through the years is that using potato skins can help you get rid of gray hairs. This is because the natural starch present in potato skins can help darken your hair over time.
In fact, this method not only lacks science, but all results can disappear as soon as you stop using them.
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Sử dụng vỏ khoai tây giúp cải thiện tình trạng tóc bạc

5. How to slow down the growth of gray hair

There are no specific measures that can help you prevent the progression of gray hair, unless the cause of the problem stems from a nutritional deficiency or a medical condition. However, you can still slow down the onset of gray hair through the following measures:
Limit regular stress, because stress hormones can disrupt melanin production in the body. hair follicles Give up smoking. While this can be difficult for smokers, your doctor can help you find a quit plan that works for you. Maintain a healthy weight Avoid frequent exposure to harmful chemicals or environmental pollutants When outdoors, protect your hair from UV rays by wearing a wide-brimmed hat or scarf. If the loss of melanin pigment in hair is hereditary, there is really no way to improve gray hair color.
However, if you don't want to have gray hair, you can talk to your stylist about other options, including permanent or semi-permanent hair dye. You can also use some natural hair dyes to prevent damage that other hair dye products can cause to your hair.
In addition, you can also condition your hair with separate hair care products. These substances not only make hair stronger, but also prevent breakage, or premature graying.

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