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For various reasons people develop voice problems. When you have a voice disorder, it will make it difficult to sound properly. Treatment for this disorder, depending on what is causing it, includes: voice therapy, oral medications, injections, or surgical intervention.

1. Why have a voice disorder?

The larynx is where the voice is produced and is made up of cartilage, muscle, and mucous membranes located at the tip of the windpipe and base of the tongue. Sound is produced when the two vocal cords vibrate, this vibration from the air moving through the larynx will bring the two vocal cords closer together. The vocal cords help close the larynx when swallowing, as well as prevent the body from inhaling food or liquids into the respiratory tract. In the case if the vocal cords are thickened, inflamed or paralyzed, making them unable to work properly, thereby causing you to have a voice disorder.

2. What are the causes of voice disorders?

Voice disorders can be caused by a combination of factors that cause overuse of the voice:
Inflammation and edema: trauma, allergies, congenital angioedema or burns from inhalation of toxic gases. Vocal cord lesions: vocal cord papilloma, vocal cord edema, vocal cord nodules, vocal cord cysts, vocal cord polyps. Infection: laryngitis is common in upper respiratory tract infections that are caused by viruses or bacteria, especially tuberculosis of the larynx, laryngeal fungus. Malignant lesions: thyroid cancer, lung cancer, laryngeal cancer, lymphoma. Neurological causes of voice disorders include:
Coming from functional speech disorders: hypo/hyperactivity of the vocal cords, constrictive voice disorders, puberty, and psychology. Vocal cord paralysis due to tumor, stroke, thoracic aortic aneurysm Motor neuropathy, Parkinson's disease, myasthenia gravis. Systemic diseases: acromegaly, rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism, autoimmune disease. Puberty voice cracking Vocal disorders, voice cracking due to sex change.
Bị run tay khi viết
Người mắc bệnh lý Parkinson có thể là lý do gây nên tình trạng rối loạn giọng

3. Treatment of voice disorders

To treat speech disorders, the following principles must be followed:
Treatment of the main cause of speech disorders is to be followed. Maximum preservation of anatomical structure Restore function of the larynx. Use the right treatment method, the right stage of the disease and according to the indications. Take preventive measures to prevent recurrence. 3.1 Medical treatment Depending on the specific cause, there are indications to use appropriate drugs. The medical use of drugs for the treatment of voice disorders includes the following groups:
Antibiotics, anti-tuberculosis drugs, antifungal drugs. Steroids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Anti-allergy medication. Medicines used to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease. Drugs that act on the nervous system Use drugs to treat voice disorders: laryngeal injection, nebulizer, larynx, injection or oral. 3.2 Speech-Language Therapy (voice training) Indicated in cases such as: voice disorders without physical damage to the larynx.
Voice disorder with physical damage accompanied by vocal dysfunction, physical damage due to behavioral causes. Before and after laryngeal surgery. Supportive treatment of voice disorders with neurological causes 3.3 Surgical treatment Depending on the type of injury and the stage of damage, the appropriate surgical method is selected.
Phẫu thuật nội soi cắt thùy trái tuyến giáp
Bác sĩ có thể lựa chọn phương pháp phẫu thuật điều trị rối loạn giọng nói

The indication for surgery is done in the following cases:
Benign lesions in the vocal cord mucosa that are caused by behavioral causes and have been unsuccessfully treated with medical and speech therapy. Injury to vocal cord structure, however, conservative treatment is not indicated: propeller membrane, laryngeal papilloma, vocal cord groove, vocal cord cyst. Voice disorders that are neurological in origin and have been unsuccessfully treated conservatively: spastic voice disorder, vocal cord paralysis. Voice disorders that are caused by trauma to the larynx, fracture, and displacement of the laryngeal cartilage framework. It can be seen that voice disorder is a common condition in life, this problem greatly affects the patient's life, study and work.
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