How good is it to soak your feet in hot water before sleeping?

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Many studies have shown that the feet are likened to an important "remedy" of the body, taking good care of your feet will contribute to improving and enhancing your health. In particular, soaking your feet in hot water before sleeping brings many unexpected benefits. Not only helps blood circulation, reduces stress and anxiety, but also improves sleep quality.

1. The unexpected effect of a hot foot bath before sleeping

The foot is considered a wonderful part of the body, because it is the ultimate structure of the foot. The feet are made up of many different small bones that help the body perform complex activities more flexibly. The feet interact in harmony with the entire upper body, allowing us to stand, perform complex movements such as running, jumping and playing sports.
Feet have more than 20 acupuncture points of the body, each acupoint plays a role in maintaining different flexible activities and affecting health. The acupuncture points of the soles of the feet are connected to the brain, so a foot bath can improve your sleep. Currently, oriental medicine has applied foot massage to relieve headaches, treat some bone and joint diseases, detoxify, ...
Is hot foot bath good? Hot water will help dilate the blood vessels in the feet. Helps blood to circulate well thereby enhancing the unexpected effects of therapeutic foot baths. The effects of foot bath before bed for your health:
Improve brain and spirit Soaking your feet in hot water before sleeping will give you a feeling of deep relaxation and comfort due to increased blood circulation from there you will easily have a deeper and better quality sleep. When the quality of sleep improves, the body will produce hormones that make you feel satisfied, so you can start the day full of energy and increase focus. A good sleep will help you relieve stress as well as balance and control your thoughts and emotions.
Improve health An unexpected effect of a hot foot bath before going to bed is that it can prevent disease. Because in the process of soaking your feet, you feel maximum relaxation and the body returns to a state of balance, thereby maintaining stable health. Hot water helps increase blood flow to the foot area, detoxifying areas of the body that need healing. Moreover, soaking your feet in hot water helps you strengthen immunity, reduce inflammation and antibacterial.

Treatment of chronic diseases Regular hot water footbath combined with acupressure is a method of treating a number of diseases such as: Diabetes, endometriosis, musculoskeletal diseases.
ngâm chân nước nóng trước khi ngủ
Ngâm chân nước nóng trước khi ngủ có thể điều trị một số bệnh lý

2. How to soak feet effectively?

Before going to bed, you need to prepare a bowl of hot water about 40 - 50 degrees Celsius to soak your feet. Can be boiled clean water or herbal water. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of herbs to choose the right one, in accordance with your own health status. It is best to consult with your doctor before choosing herbs to add to your foot bath. Absolutely do not use strong irritating and corrosive water.
Foot bath tools can be brass, wooden or porcelain pots or use electric pots with integrated ultrasonic stimulation, this is a popular machine in recent times and is being sold in Vietnam. medical supply stores, on online shopping sites. This type of basin has a superior effect thanks to the stimulating ultrasonic waves to increase blood circulation, besides the temperature of the water is accurate because the machine has a temperature display and this temperature is maintained throughout the process. treatment process without cooling down as quickly as traditional devices.

Foot bath position is to sit comfortably on a chair, preferably a recliner and soft to create the most comfortable feeling possible. Should be done regularly every day before going to bed, the most effective time to soak your feet is 10-15 minutes. If using traditional foot bath tools, you need to test the water temperature before soaking to adjust accordingly, do not soak your feet in too hot water because in addition to causing skin burns, your body will sweat a lot before sleeping. , this is not good.
When soaking your feet, you should soak your ankles, about 2cm above the ankles. This is a mandatory rule to follow when soaking your feet because at the ankles there are 3 yang meridians (tuc thieu yang: phlegm, tuc yang minh: taste, tuc yang: bladder); 3 Yin meridians (tuc Thai yin: Pi, Tuc Thieu Yin: Kidney, Toc Decisive Yin: Can); At the same time, it is also the place where there are many acupressure points, so that the water must flood the ankles for the medicine to act on the acupuncture points, the meridians, the can, the spleen, the kidneys, the bladder, the meridians, the meridians, and the qi. Blood in this meridian circulates from there to affect the whole body.
With the benefit of soaking your feet in hot water to sleep easily, many people apply this method. However, if you are an elderly person or a child, you need someone to help you because these people have difficulties in the process of mixing water and are prone to accidents while soaking their feet. Need to follow up to promptly handle and support any time your loved one needs help.
ngâm chân nước nóng trước khi ngủ
Ngâm chân nước nóng trước khi ngủ giúp bạn có giấc ngủ ngon hơn

3. Ways to soak your feet to avoid

Absolutely do not soak your feet within 30 minutes after a meal. Because at this time, the body needs to focus blood to the digestive system to help absorb food most effectively. If you soak your feet at this time, which will cause blood to flow to your feet, it will affect the body's ability to absorb, long-term causing nutrient deficiencies, possibly causing malnutrition.
The temperature of the foot bath should be between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius, too hot water should not be used. Because the temperature of the foot bath is too high, it both causes damage to the feet and increases the size of the blood vessels of the feet, affecting the body's circulatory distribution, which has a bad effect because the blood is not concentrated for the body. vital organs such as the heart, lungs, and brain.
Do not soak your feet for too long. If you soak your feet for more than 20 minutes, it will also disrupt the body's circulation. In addition, in the winter, if the foot bath is too long, it causes dry skin and itching.
Do not soak your feet during menstruation because at this time the body is tired and losing blood. Prioritize blood flow to the uterus to limit and ease menstrual pain.
After soaking your feet, you shouldn't sleep immediately, but you need to dry them and wait for your feet to equilibrate with body temperature.

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