Is it good for women to drink coconut water?

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Is it good for women to drink coconut water is a concern of many women. Drinking coconut water during menstruation as well as daily life always exists in parallel with positive and negative sides. To get the best benefit from coconut water, women need to learn how to drink properly and sensibly according to expert advice.

1. Is drinking coconut water good for women?

Before having the answer to the question "is it good for women to drink coconut water", let's learn about the uses and nutrients in this special beverage. According to research, in coconut water contains a series of active ingredients good for the body, including fat (0.2%), protein (0.3%), sugar (4.7%, including fructose and glucose). , along with essential minerals such as Fe, Na, K, Ca, P, L and some vitamins (vitamins E, C,...). Consumption of coconut water in moderation every day can help you to purify your body, cool your liver, detoxify, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-infection very effectively. Moreover, drinking coconut water also contributes to the prevention of kidney stones and supports the health of the immune system.
Not only that, coconut water is also considered a "secret weapon" for the skin and beauty of women. Drinking coconut water in a sufficient amount each day helps to improve the aging process of the skin, prevent conditions such as melasma, freckles, wrinkles or age spots from developing early, and at the same time preserve a slim figure. On the other hand, drinking coconut water during menstruation also helps women reduce menstrual pain and regulate menstrual cycle effectively.

2. Menstruating women can drink coconut water?

Some people think that women should not drink coconut water until the end of the month because it can thin the blood and make the menstrual cycle last longer. However, science has proven this view completely wrong.
According to nutritionists, women can completely drink coconut water during menstruation, but should only drink in a moderate amount, avoid drinking too much in a day. The reason is that coconut water contains calories and is relatively rich in fat, so drinking too much can cause bloating and discomfort for women on the day of "strawberry fall", especially those with diabetes. premenstrual syndrome.
Choosing to drink coconut water on the day of menstruation can bring the following outstanding advantages:
Helps limit and improve premenstrual syndrome with signs such as breast tightness, back pain, dull pain in the area lower abdomen, fatigue, discomfort,... However, girlfriends need to avoid drinking cold coconut water to prevent the risk of a frozen uterus leading to menstrual cramps. Drinking coconut water during menstruation helps to provide a woman's body with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. These are all important sources of "raw materials", helping to regulate the uterus, reduce strong contractions, thereby limiting menstrual cramps.

3. The truth is that drinking coconut water has an early menstrual period

Many views believe that drinking coconut water to menstruate earlier than usual, helps women promote the menstrual cycle to come faster. According to scientific evidence, the above rumor is completely true. The reason, coconut water contains a large amount of minerals and vitamins, helps to replenish water, quench thirst, clear heat and strengthen the body's resistance. In addition, fresh coconut water is also rich in vitamin C, which helps to supplement and improve the body's immune system in general. For the menstrual cycle, the vitamins and active ingredients in coconut water help promote the proliferation of cells lining the inside of a woman's uterus, and at the same time accelerate the process of uterine contractions, thereby stimulating menstrual bleeding. earlier.
Not only that, the cooling properties of coconut water also contribute to reducing body temperature, promoting the menstrual cycle to appear earlier than usual. Therefore, you can drink coconut water in moderation if you want your period to come early.

4. Tell me how to drink coconut water to get your period early

In order to help the period come earlier than usual, women should pay attention to drinking coconut water properly and ensure the following criteria:
Should drink fresh coconut water taken directly from the fruit, do not use canned coconut water or bottle. It is necessary to drink coconut water as soon as possible right after taking it because leaving it outside for a long time will cause nutrients to evaporate and make the effectiveness of promoting early menstruation significantly decrease. Drink fresh coconut water about 1 week before the start of the menstrual cycle and need to drink it regularly during these days. Make sure to drink 1 coconut a day to get the best early menstrual results. It is necessary to use fresh coconut water after adding it because keeping it for too long can lead to loss of nutrients and rancidity.

5. Some other uses of drinking coconut water during menstruation

5.1. Drinking coconut water helps reduce menstrual pain effectively

In addition to the effect of drinking coconut water for early menstruation, this refreshing drink also helps relieve menstrual pain quickly. Thanks to its rich vitamin and mineral content, drinking coconut water in moderation helps bring about the following benefits for menstruation:
Significantly reduces lower abdominal pain during the month and prevents the risk of missed periods. Support to reverse menstrual delay and effectively dissolve menstrual blood clots. Provides nutrients to help reduce discomfort and fatigue during the "red light" day, thereby helping women feel more comfortable.

5.2. Support to improve the condition of amenorrhea in women

Coconut water is known as the "golden drink" for people with amenorrhea due to anemia. Drinking coconut water helps people with menstrual blood volume < 30ml/menstrual cycle to be more stable and regular. In the opinion of some experts, coconut water has a very good blood-forming ability, this benefit comes from the abundant nutrients in this drink, including vitamins, magnesium, potassium, calcium, manganese, antioxidants. oxidizing,...
In addition, coconut water is also a nutritional supplement for people with poor health and often fatigue. Therefore, women can drink coconut water in moderation before and after menstruation to improve malnutrition or amenorrhea caused by anemia.

5.3. Drinking coconut water helps the menstrual period go smoothly

Although the issue of "can you drink coconut water during your period" has been solved, you should know that coconut water also brings a lot of other benefits to the menstrual cycle. One of the benefits to mention is to help the menstrual cycle go smoother and softer thanks to its ability to replenish electrolytes, prevent dehydration, maintain physical strength, and promote menstrual blood ejection. more convenient out.
According to research, women can lose about 500cc of fluid/day during their menstrual cycle, not including the amount of water lost through sweat (it can be up to 2l/day). Therefore, adding water is extremely important in the "red light" days. It can be said that coconut water is an ideal choice, because in addition to containing a lot of water, it also provides a large amount of nutrients to help women recover quickly. Thus, the answer to the question "can you drink coconut water" is too obvious.

6. How to drink coconut water properly during menstruation?

When drinking coconut water during menstruation, women should note a few things to get the best menstrual support benefits from this drink:
Drink coconut water no more than 2-3 fruits / day and avoid Continuous consumption for many days can lead to a drop in blood pressure. Avoid drinking coconut water on an empty stomach or right before a meal. Do not drink coconut water as soon as you come back from a hot day because it can cause symptoms such as indigestion, chills or bloating. People with low blood pressure, diarrhea, rheumatism or cold limbs should limit the consumption of coconut water. Do not drink a lot of coconut water in the evening as this can cause abdominal heaviness, indigestion and increase the frequency of nocturia for women.

7. How harmful is drinking coconut water for early menstruation?

Although drinking coconut water does indeed promote an early period, women need to avoid abuse. Deliberately drinking coconut water to menstruate early in large quantities is against the natural laws of the body, leading to symptoms of menstrual disorders. When consuming too much coconut water, it will accelerate the menstrual cycle, leading to irregularity and stability of the menstrual cycle. In addition, the natural urge to menstruate by drinking a lot of coconut water can make the signs of the disease not detected in time, such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, blocked fallopian tubes, etc. ..

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