Treatment for tinnitus

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Tinnitus is a common symptom caused by many different diseases. Although this condition is not dangerous to health, it greatly affects the work and life of the patient. Therefore, when there are signs of tinnitus, the patient should see a doctor to find out the cause and treat it as soon as possible.

1. What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is not a disease but a symptom caused by many different diseases. When this happens, you will hear a humming noise in your ears. Despite being in a quiet space, the patient can still hear the above-mentioned abnormal noises clearly. The noise can be in one ear or both, depending on the person. Loud sounds the patient hears may include the chirping of cicadas, the whistling of the wind, the hiss of the wind, the whistle, the sound of the rice mill during the harvest, the hum of an airplane, or even the sound of an airplane. growl. They appear irregularly, sometimes this phenomenon appears intermittently, sometimes it lasts continuously.
Some statistics show that about 20% of the world's population has suffered from tinnitus. In Vietnam, the number of patients with tinnitus coming to medical facilities is not small. People with tinnitus often feel very uncomfortable, frustrated, affecting life, work, distracting and having trouble sleeping. Even if tinnitus becomes severe, the sufferer can become obsessed to the point of depression. Therefore, if you hear unusually loud sounds, there is a good chance that there is a problem with your ears. It is best to take the time to see a doctor to find out the cause and treat it as soon as possible.

2. What causes tinnitus?

The important principle in the treatment of tinnitus is to treat the cause of the tinnitus. Tinnitus in some patients can be completely cured after being properly treated for the cause, such as an infection or a blockage. But some patients suffer from it persistently even though the root cause has been treated, then doctors will have to combine many therapies to reduce symptoms and ensure hearing for the patient. Some common causes of tinnitus include:

2.1 Obstruction of the ear canal

Obstruction of the outer or inner ear canal or perforation of the eardrum changes the pressure of the eardrum, thereby creating tinnitus. The cause is usually due to too much earwax, incorrect earwax technique, boils, tumors that block the ear canal.

2.2 Damage to hearing cells

Hearing cells can be damaged due to the following reasons:
Hearing loss in the elderly due to fibrosis of the hammer and incus system. Ear trauma caused by loud noises, from day to day such as rock music, heavy trailers, construction noises, etc. This condition can also happen to regular people. Use headphones at too high a volume. Using some drugs can also cause hearing damage such as aminoglycoside antibiotics (streptomycin, gentamycin,...). Injuries to the head and neck area can also damage the inner ear.

2.3 Due to certain diseases

Some diseases of the circulatory system can also cause tinnitus such as atherosclerosis, which causes the large blood vessels near the middle and inner ear to lose elasticity, causing blood to flow more vigorously and vortex and produce sound. ringing in the ears. High blood pressure can also cause tinnitus. Factors such as stress, alcohol, coffee and other stimulants can cause abnormal sounds in the ears. A malformation at the junction between the vein and the artery can cause tinnitus. Tumor in the head and neck region Auditory nerve tumor Meniere's disease: a disorder of hearing, caused by abnormally increased endothelial fluid and ion
U dây thần kinh thính giác
U dây thần kinh thính giác có thể khiến người bệnh bị ù lỗ tai

3. What to do with tinnitus?

Tinnitus will greatly affect the patient's work and daily life. So many people always wonder or have tinnitus what to do? If you are suffering from tinnitus, you can apply the following measures:
Limit stimulants such as nicotine and caffeine because they can cause blood vessels to constrict, speeding up blood flow through the arteries. and veins, and alcohol dilates blood vessels, causing a larger amount of blood to flow, especially in the inner ear, thereby causing you to have more tinnitus. Clean your ears regularly and properly. If you do not know how to use or it is not convenient to use ear cleaning tools such as cotton swabs or swabs, you should ask someone who knows how to use them to help you. You can also go to reputable, hygienic cleaning facilities. There is an extremely simple way you can do it yourself by using a clean towel and cleaning around the ear cavity. Also, don't forget to keep your ears dry to limit the risk of ear infections. Limit exposure to noise. When the room is quiet, the noise should be reduced. You can enjoy some soothing music so you don't focus on the annoying buzzing in your ears. Some people may wear a device that emits soothing sounds to ease tinnitus. If you have to work in a noisy environment, then every 20 minutes, go out to a quiet place to rest your ears or wear noise protection earphones. Building a reasonable diet: Audiologists advise people with tinnitus to supplement with omega-3 (usually found in fish) and vitamin D. Many studies show that people who have a habit of eating fish every week can reduce the risk of tinnitus. In addition, foods such as spinach, broccoli, beans are also recommended to increase to support tinnitus treatment. That's because these foods are rich in antioxidants and folic acid, which help reduce free radicals in the body. Try to relax, reduce stress, increase exercise to improve health. Place 2 palms on 2 ears, slowly rub the ear lobes in a circle for 1 minute until the 2 ears feel warm. Then, use your middle finger to cover your ear and then pull your hand out, perform quickly and repeat the above movement about 50 times. Another way is to conduct ear drum typing by placing your palms on both sides of your ears, your fingers downward, slightly cupped, pressing into a heavy, one light beat. You should do it about 30 times. Then, use 2 middle and index fingers to tap behind the ear about 30 times. Persistent tinnitus can be treated by roasting some granulated salt, placing it in a small bag and applying it around the ear while it is still warm. The gentle heat from the salt works to quickly relieve the symptoms of tinnitus.
Người bệnh bị ù lỗ tai nên vệ sinh tai đều đặn
Người bệnh bị ù lỗ tai nên vệ sinh tai đều đặn

4. Treatment of tinnitus with folk remedies

You can treat tinnitus with some simple folk remedies as follows:

4.1.Remedy to treat tinnitus due to the influence of noise

Use 10g of mulberry leaves, 10g of gotu kola, 12g of green rose silk and 16g of 16g ​​earthenware. If high blood pressure, can add 10g of 10g bamboo leaves; and low blood pressure, add 6g wormwood 6g; If you lose sleep, add 8g of leaves.

4.2. Remedies for tinnitus due to fatigue and stress

Use 16g of star black beans and herbs including ha thu o, blue rose silk, afternoon string, and Hoai Son every 12g. If you have trouble sleeping, slow heart rate, you can add 12g passion fruit, 6g wormwood 6g. If you sleep less, your heart rate will increase faster than 10g of betel nut and 12g of chrysanthemum flowers.

4.3.Remedy for tinnitus caused by hot flashes

Use 6g chrysanthemum flowers, 12g black beans, 8g centella asiatica, 10g black sesame, 6g bamboo leaves 6g and 10g bare kernels. If the patient has high blood pressure, you can add 50g of fresh celery, and for low blood pressure, add 100g of 100g of fresh celery and 6g of wormwood. How to decoct the above remedies: 1 decoction drink in 1 day. Sharpen 2 times a day, each time add 3 bowls of water, boil half a bowl and drink while still warm. Drink 2 times a day in the morning and afternoon.

4.4. Remedies from garlic

Garlic peeled, washed and crushed. Then put the garlic and olive oil in the pan and heat with low heat, stir the garlic until fragrant, then turn off the heat. When the mixture has cooled, filter the residue and take the resulting solution into a clean glass jar. Next, lie on your side so that the ear with the tinnitus is facing up, drop 2-3 drops of garlic oil into the ear. Place cotton gauze over the ear canal and keep it for 10-15 minutes. You should do it 1-2 times a day to see the effect.

4.5. Remedies from ginger

Ginger is a very familiar spice to Vietnamese people. Ginger has many effects such as supporting digestion, antibacterial, strengthening the immune system and thereby improving inflammation in the ear, reducing tinnitus. You can use washed, peeled and sliced ​​ginger. Next, put the ginger in a cup and then pour boiling water into it for about 5-10 minutes. Mix a little honey in a cup of ginger juice and drink.

4.6. Remedy from the passion plant

Passion fruit is a medicinal herb with heat-clearing, liver-cooling, sedative properties and also effective in treating tinnitus. You can use dried passionflower flowers steeped in hot water as a tea for 15-20 minutes. After filtering the residue to get the water, it is recommended to add a little honey to enhance the taste. Passion flower tea drink during the day.
In summary, tinnitus is a symptom of many different causes. Although this phenomenon is not dangerous, it causes discomfort, fatigue, and seriously affects the patient's quality of life. When there are signs of tinnitus, patients can apply the above measures to quickly reduce symptoms. However, you must not be subjective but need to go to medical facilities to examine and find the root cause of tinnitus for timely treatment.

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