How to choose sunscreen for oily skin

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What makes women headache this summer is choosing the right sunscreen to protect the skin. Especially for oily skin, which often causes discomfort, the skin begins to shine, and quickly washes away the cream layer.

1. Meaning of SPF and PA numbers on sunscreen labels

SPF (Sun Protection Factor) measures the protection against UVB rays, the higher the SPF, the longer the sun protection time. You should choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 to 50 if it's only daily sun protection.
PA (Protection Grade of UVA) measures the protection against UVA rays. There are 3 levels of PA+, PA++, PA+++, respectively, with weak UVA protection (4h), medium (8h) and strong (12h).
You should choose a sunscreen with both SPF and PA index for maximum sun protection.
Kem chống nắng có chỉ số SPF 50
Lựa chọn kem chống nắng có chỉ số SPF và PA phù hợp

2. Choose a sunscreen for oily skin

To avoid skin irritation, you should choose sunscreens that contain the words "No Sebum" (non-greasy) or "Oil Free" (oil-free) on the package, or sunscreen gels, water or spray form. If you have acne problems or not too sensitive skin, you should not use chemical sunscreen because this cream has a light texture and is quickly absorbed.

3. How to properly care for oily skin

You should wash your face with a specialized cleanser for oily skin. These cleansers work to deep clean the surface of the skin, inside the pores, remove dirt, sebum and oil on the skin, making the skin dry and smooth.
Help small pores, limit greasy secretion by using a cotton pad soaked in rose water or astringent essence to gently apply to the skin.
Apply extra layer of cream for oily skin. Like normal skin and dry skin, oily skin still needs regular care, especially the T-zone - where the oil is strongest with moisturizer before makeup, and they must be the right type for oily skin.
Use a primer for oily skin: Oil-free primers and foundations are the best options. In areas where the secretion is more oily, a slightly thicker layer of powder should be applied. Use your fingers to rub, gently touching the skin of your hands and face will make your makeup softer.
Use a powder with high coverage, good oil absorption: Helps smooth skin, not greasy, helps powder stick on the skin for a long time. It is recommended to use powdered powder for oily skin - the ultra-fine powder particles will have the ability to absorb sebum very well.
Before applying blush, you should look in the mirror and smile slightly to determine the top of your cheekbones. From the top of the cheekbones, blend the pink powder outward. Don't use too much and avoid colors that are too bright or too dark.
Apply lipstick: You should choose a lipstick color that matches your outfit, apply a little lip gloss in the middle of your lips to add a sexy touch.
Rửa mặt
Rửa mặt bằng sửa rửa mặt chuyên dụng trước khi sử dụng các sản phẩm cho da khác

4. General principles of sunscreens

Before buying the product, customers should also try it by applying the cream to the inner side of the arm - where the skin is thinnest and most sensitive. If the skin is not irritated with that cream, buy it and use it. To ensure the highest sun protection, users must apply sunscreen evenly 20 minutes before going out in the sun. If you are exposed to the sun continuously (such as going to the beach or having to go outside a lot at work), you must reapply the cream every 1-2 hours. Because sunscreens almost only protect the skin for about 40-60 minutes. Consumers need to buy products from well-known brands, buy at reputable stores to ensure they buy quality products. Do not be greedy to buy goods floating in the market. Because products of unknown origin can not guarantee the quality as well as the ingredients contained in that cream, whether it has sunscreen effect or not, and may even contain harmful chemicals that affect the skin. to your own skin.

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