8 evidence-based health benefits of papaya

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Papaya is an extremely nutritious tropical fruit for health, they are packed with antioxidants that reduce inflammation, fight disease and make you look younger and fresher. If you wonder what the ingredients in papaya are, the following article will reveal 8 recognized health benefits of papaya.

1. Papaya is easy to eat and full of nutrients

Papaya fruit is native to Central America and Southern Mexico but is now widely grown in many parts of the world. Papaya contains an enzyme called papain that helps break down protein chains in muscle. Therefore, people have used papaya to tenderize meat for thousands of years.
If the papaya is ripe, you can eat it raw. However, raw papaya should always be cooked before eating, especially for pregnant women, because green fruit often has a lot of latex, which can stimulate contractions.
Here are the ingredients in a small papaya fruit (about 152 grams):
Calories: 59 Carbohydrates: 15 grams Fiber: 3 grams Protein: 1 gram Vitamin C: 157% of suggested daily needs ( RDI) Vitamin A: 33% RDI Folate (vitamin B9): 14% RDI Potassium: 11% RDI And variable amounts of calcium, magnesium and vitamins B1, B3, B5, E and K. Papayas also contain healthy antioxidants called carotenoids, including one called Lycopene. Furthermore, many studies show that your body absorbs these antioxidants better from papaya than from other fruits and vegetables.

2. Strong antioxidant effect

Free radical molecules, which are formed during the body's metabolism, often promote oxidative stress that leads to many disease risks.
Papaya fruit has abundant antioxidants that help neutralize these free radicals. Studies have also shown that fermented papaya can also reduce oxidative stress in the elderly, people with prediabetes, mild hypothyroidism, and liver disease.
In addition, many researchers believe that too many free radicals in the brain are an important factor in Alzheimer's disease. In one study, Alzheimer's patients who were given fermented papaya extract for 6 months experienced a 40% reduction in oxidative damage to DNA, which is also linked to aging and cancer. The reduction in oxidative stress is due to the Lycopene content in papaya and its ability to remove excess iron that can produce free radicals.
Tác dụng chống oxy hóa mạnh từ quả đu đủ đã được nghiên cứu
Tác dụng chống oxy hóa mạnh từ quả đu đủ đã được nghiên cứu

3. Anti-cancer properties

Research shows that the antioxidant Lycopene found in papaya fruit can reduce the risk of cancer and may be beneficial for people undergoing cancer treatment. In addition, papaya may have some unique effects that outshine other fruits. For example, of the 14 fruits and vegetables with known antioxidant properties, only papaya has activity against breast cancer cells. In a small study in older adults with inflammatory and precancerous stomachs, a fermented papaya preparation was able to reduce oxidation. However, more research is still needed before a formal recommendation can be made.

4. Improves Heart Health

Adding papaya to your daily diet can help boost your heart health. Studies also show that consuming fruits that are high in lycopene and vitamin C can help prevent heart disease.
The antioxidant compounds found in papaya fruit can protect the cardiovascular system and enhance the protective effect of HDL cholesterol. In one study, test subjects who took a fermented papaya extract supplement for 14 weeks experienced less inflammation and a higher ratio of "bad" LDL cholesterol to "good" HDL cholesterol than those who did not. do not use. This means a reduced risk of heart disease.

5. The effect of preventing inflammation

Chronic inflammation is at the root of many complex diseases and unhealthy foods and an unbalanced lifestyle can promote inflammation. Research shows that antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables like papaya help reduce markers of inflammation significantly.
For example, one study noted that men who consumed high amounts of fruits and vegetables high in carotenoids had significantly reduced levels of CRP, a marker of inflammation.

6. Improves Digestive Function

The enzyme papain in papaya can promote easier protein digestion. People in the tropics consider papaya to be an effective remedy for constipation and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). In one study, people who ate papaya for 40 days experienced significant improvements in constipation and bloating. The seeds, leaves, and roots of the papaya fruit have also been shown to treat ulcers in humans and animals.

7. Protect skin from damage

In addition to keeping the body healthy, papaya can also help your skin more firm and bright. The overactivity of free radicals is believed to be the cause of many wrinkles, sagging, and skin damage over time. Vitamin C and Lycopene found in papaya help protect the skin and help visibly reduce these signs of aging. In one study, lycopene supplementation for 10 to 12 weeks reduced skin redness after sun exposure.
In another case, older women with wrinkles who took vitamin C, a blend of Lycopene and other antioxidants for 14 weeks experienced a significant reduction in facial wrinkles, changes even can even be measured.
đu đủ
Quả đu đủ giúp làn da của người dùng được bảo vệ khỏi tổn thương

8. Delicious taste and easy to prepare

Papaya often has a unique taste and aroma that is loved by many people. However, ripeness is the key to creating this characteristic flavor and aroma. An underripe or overripe papaya can taste different from a fully ripe fruit. To be considered an optimal ripe papaya, they must have a yellow to red-orange skin color, possibly with some green spots. Papayas taste best when chilled, so you should keep them in the fridge whenever possible. After washing, you can cut in half lengthwise, scrape out the seeds, use a spoon to scrape off the skin like cantaloupe or melon.
In addition, papaya is also very versatile when it can be combined with other foods to diversify the taste, for example: making salads, smoothies, desserts..etc.
Overall, Papaya It is a fruit that is rich in nutrients and has a characteristic delicious taste. The composition of papaya fruit contains powerful antioxidants such as Lycopene that help reduce the risk of many diseases, especially those that tend to develop with age such as heart disease and cancer. It can also fight visible signs of aging on the skin, leaving your skin smoother and younger looking. Add this delicious and healthy fruit to your diet today.
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