The concept of quality calories (QC)

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Calories are always mentioned in the diet or during exercise. Besides, calories are also focused on reasonable and effective burning. So, are high-quality calories any different from regular calories? This article will provide additional information.

1. What is Quality of Calories (QC)?

Calorie is the unit to calculate the energy loaded into the body from food every day. Calories are often mentioned in nutrition and exercise diets.
British Dietetics encourages us when assessing our diet to look not only at the number of calories we consume but also at the quality of our diet to help us get the nutrients we need including: vitamins, minerals and fiber while limiting the amount of substances of concern, such as: free sugar, salt and saturated fat.
To help fight the obesity crisis, it's important to be aware of calories eaten and consumed, but also to be mindful of nutritional quality.
QC quality calories concept aims to help people think about small, simple swaps that can be made daily to improve nutritional quality in daily diet with same or less calories .
Trong tập luyện, yếu tố calo được tính toán rất kĩ lưỡng

2. Quality Calories (QC) Aren't Just Numbers

Foods with similar calorie content may differ in the nutrients they provide. For example, whole grains of bread, pasta, and rice have more fiber than refined grains. Likewise, processed meats contain more salt than unprocessed lean meats, even if they have the same number of calories. If we just think of calories as numbers, then we can choose to avoid foods that are relatively high in calories but also have high nutritional value such as nuts and seeds, oily fish and olive oil or canola, all of which can be included as part of a healthy diet.
British Nutrition Foundation QC Quality Calorie Source gives examples of how QC can be QC to increase nutritional value.
Of course, it is important to think about portion sizes to control calorie intake to aid in weight management and so consumers need to remember to use QC quality calories in moderation. There are simple ways that people who want to manage their weight can do this; for example, keep the number of nuts to a small number or use a spoon to measure the oil.

3. Examples of high-quality calorie meals

3.1. Breakfast

Can use one of the following:
Chocolate-covered cereal bowl, oat porridge topped with skim milk, fresh fruit, nuts and seeds Fried eggs, bacon and sausage in a white bap Hard-boiled eggs, grilled tomatoes, sautéed spinach and sliced ​​avocado in whole-grain pitta bread. Butter and jam on whole-grain white toast with peanut butter, rolled around bananas. Chocolate covered pancakes, banana cake.
Trứng luộc là thực phẩm có lượng calo chất lượng cao

3.2. Lunch

Ham sandwich with white bread and Falafel and hummus in a whole grain pitta Chicken Caesar salad Chicken Tangy salad with pomegranate sauce Chicken cream soup Chicken, coconut and vegetable soup

3.3. Dinner

Chicken with rice or bread with brown rice and spinach sauteed Beef and kidney buns with ground meat, minced minced meatloaf with vegetables and topped with mashed sweet potatoes Burgers with onions and potatoes fried, turkey burger in a whole-grain pitta with salad and corn on the cob
gạo lứt
Bữa tối có gạo lứt sẽ giúp bữa ăn cps lượng calo chất lượng cao

3.4. Snacks

Sugary Fruit Yogurt Frozen Greek Yogurt with fresh fruit Whole grain pitta toasted with deep-fried salsa and sour cream Cookies, cakes and pastries A few small squares of dark chocolate, some plain seeds & dried fruit, nut butter on fresh fruit Taking care of yourself every day by preparing nutritious, calorie-balanced meals is essential. However, in some cases, if people feel that they have abnormal signs that warn of a medical condition, people also need to have a medical examination at reputable medical facilities. Currently, Vinmec International General Hospital is one of the leading prestigious hospitals in the country, trusted by a large number of patients for medical examination and treatment. Not only the physical system, modern equipment: 6 ultrasound rooms, 4 DR X-ray rooms (1 full-axis machine, 1 light machine, 1 general machine and 1 mammography machine) , 2 DR portable X-ray machines, 2 multi-row CT scanner rooms (1 128 rows and 1 16 arrays), 2 Magnetic resonance imaging rooms (1 3 Tesla and 1 1.5 Tesla), 1 room for 2 levels of interventional angiography and 1 room to measure bone mineral density.... Vinmec is also the place to gather a team of experienced doctors and nurses who will greatly assist in diagnosis and detection. early signs of abnormality in the patient's body. In particular, with a space designed according to 5-star hotel standards, Vinmec ensures to bring the patient the most comfort, friendliness and peace of mind.

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