The truth about using lemon water to detox

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Detoxing the body is a great idea. None of us want to have a polluted body. Therefore, using fresh lemon juice to detoxify the body is chosen by many people. So, is drinking lemon water detoxing or detoxing with lemon water really effective?

1. How to detox the body properly?

One of the most popular detox methods is fasting. This approach is thought to limit food intake and incorporate water intake. Water is neutral and will lead waste out of the body. Therefore, it is believed that drinking water and fasting will cleanse the body and help eliminate toxins from the body.
Moreover, water is a healthy food recommended for all subjects. Therefore, drinking water also filters some sediment in the body. This is also the solution for those of you who want to lose weight and limit cravings. You can drink fresh lemon juice to detox. However, if you drink fresh lemon juice and fast, you should consider and consult your doctor.

2. Do you need to use detox to detox?

You don't absolutely have to use a detox to detox your body. You can detox with lemon juice or change your diet to include lots of green vegetables. Water and fiber will promote the digestive system and eliminate a significant amount of waste in the body. At the same time, all activities of the digestive system are also maintained stably.
Spokesperson at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics said: Diet or detox with lemon juice is not what most people think. The purpose of these actions is to eliminate toxins, not starve the body. Therefore, you will not face the risk of essential nutritional deficiencies. This method should only be done if you ensure the nutrition and energy of the body. If the body is starved for a long time, there will be no energy to sustain all other activities.

3. The benefits of using fresh lemon juice detox

Detoxing with lemon water has been known and widely used by many people. They found that, after use, the drink improved skin tone, firmer skin, and improved mood and energy. One of the reasons why lemon juice is so magical is weight loss.
It can be said that most people know the use of lemon juice detox for the purpose of losing weight. They wanted to lose weight first and happened to be given more information about detoxing the body. We are also partly because we see stars with standard bodies that choose to detox to lose weight. Therefore, detox tea is more and more popular and popular.
Intermittent fasting is a fairly effective weight loss method. You can combine recipes like maple syrup, lemon juice, water, pepper, and a pinch of salt. This will be a recipe for the perfect diet. However, science has not recognized that drinking fresh lemon water has good health effects. Maybe in the first time of use, the sour taste of lemon will occur some side effects that make you difficult.
In fact, building a strict diet schedule is not easy. During the first week or month, you will encounter many obstacles, which may be the reason why many people give up midway even though they have made up their mind before. Instead of always being full of energy, at the beginning of any diet we will be very tired and sluggish. That feeling is because the body will expend energy and not take in more.
You will feel tired when the energy consumed is not compensated. However, if you are obese, the excess fat will be metabolized for maintenance energy. At this time, it will be difficult for you to perform sports or physical activities. However, as your body gets used to it, you may feel more comfortable and refreshed.
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4. Doubt when drinking fresh lemon detox

Some experts reject the theory that drinking lemon water detoxifies the body. They say that the poison is filtered and taken to the digestive system and then expelled. To do that, you need to provide more fiber to the body. Therefore, lemon water is not the main reason to promote the body's detoxification process.
If the above view is true, what should we do to clean the digestive system? Fiber is a source of nutrients that contribute and help the digestive system work more stably. They are only supporting components, not contributing to the elimination of toxins. Therefore, if you are on a diet with fiber, you should still consider it carefully.
Things we believe to be cleaned make researchers skeptical. Therefore, they do not want detox to be abused or deified too much. To clarify, the research doctors questioned the meaning of detox.
Do you remove toxins from food or from the environment? This is a pretty good question to comment more accurately on the body's detoxification mechanism. Sometimes, our body will clear toxins on its own, but not completely. Part of the residue remains in the intestinal wall. The digestive system, liver or kidneys have the function of filtering toxins and will help the toxins no longer affect the body.
Moreover, people who are on medication cannot do so on an empty stomach. Therefore, experts for fasting teeth are not the optimal choice. You should look for some other detox methods that are better and bring more benefits to your health.

5. Should add a sufficient amount of lemon to the water

Filtered water can be a good choice for cleansing the body. If you drink enough water every day, the benefits of water will come into play. The first is to keep the body sufficiently hydrated to maintain all activities. Plus, water boosts metabolism. Fresh lemon juice mixed with water does not have a detoxifying effect, but it has a healthy vitamin C supplement effect.
If you find it difficult to drink plain water, try adding some fresh lemon juice. The taste of lemon can make you feel better and enjoy drinking more water. Here's a way to help you get more antioxidants and potassium. You can also use some iron-rich foods to increase absorption for the body.
In addition to lemon juice, you can also use cucumber juice. The electrolytes in the potassium salt help remove the salt from the blood. As a result, blood pressure will be kept stable, avoiding sudden increases and decreases. Besides, mint syrup also provides a significant source of vitamin A and rich antioxidants, and at the same time, significantly improves the body's indigestion.

6. Tips for you when conducting body cleansing

The purification of the body is understood as the cleansing of the loaded matter. In particular, water is recommended to use because it brings many good effects to the body. When the body is sufficiently hydrated, you will be full of energy and your organs will function properly. If you feel tired and sluggish, you may be dehydrated or your body is already severely dehydrated. At this point, just replenish the amount of water your body needs and you will recover.
Intermittent fasting can help improve the problem of eliminating toxins from the body. This also prevents the risk of diseases such as cancer or diabetes. You can fast for 3-5 days depending on your ability. This is also said to be a healthy diet method.
Lemon water detox is an unproven method. We may be wasting our time on a method that we don't know if it will work.
You should add both water and fiber to the body at the same time. This is one way to effectively cleanse the digestive tract. You can drink plenty of water or use fruit smoothies or fruit juices. This will give you the fiber and fluids your body needs at the same time. This method is also more recommended than lemonade. It really works and is tested by medical experts.
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Thải độc bằng nước chanh tươi là phương pháp chưa được kiểm chứng khoa học

7. Your body's nutritional needs

According to research, every day our body needs to absorb about 25g of fiber. This amount is said to match 2000 calories consumed. You can rely on to calculate the amount of fiber your body needs to eat each day. Not only fruit, you can also use some grains or seeds that have been listed as superfoods. They are a rich source of dietary fiber for the body.
Our body will have some of the energy stored in the form of fat. It's a source of fuel in case you haven't had time to refill your food. Therefore, researchers say that the 5-7 days you do detox or fasting does not have a big effect on nutrition.
Moreover, when the toxins are eliminated, the body will be cleaner and healthier. As a result, you will be improved physically and mentally.
Thus, drinking lemon water detox is a method that causes a lot of controversy. You need to consider and consult a doctor if you decide to use this method.
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