Can pregnant women with hemorrhoids give birth naturally?

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Hemorrhoids are caused by excessive dilation of the hemorrhoidal plexus veins in the tissue surrounding the anus and rectum. Normally, these tissues help control the passage of stool. When these tissues become inflamed and swollen, they are called hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids in pregnant women account for a very high rate and cause a lot of discomfort, affecting pregnant women.

1. Overview of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are the most common disease in the group of diseases of the anal area. Although hemorrhoids do not cause immediate death, they greatly affect the quality of life of patients. The disease is common in patients who often have increased abdominal pressure such as: Pregnant women, patients with constipation, patients who sit for a long time,...
Especially women during pregnancy, the female sex hormone progesterone. Increases relaxation of intestinal muscles, affects the contraction of intestinal peristalsis, makes pregnant women prone to constipation, long term will turn to hemorrhoids. When the fetus grows large, it both increases pressure in the abdomen and puts pressure on the blood vessels in the pelvic floor, making it difficult for blood to circulate, causing swelling and leading to hemorrhoids.
Some women have an episiotomy when giving birth, and some blood vessels in the anus may be sewn when sutures, so after a while it is very easy to get hemorrhoids. The first normal birth forced to push hard, the mother used all her strength to push the fetus out, which aggravated the hemorrhoids. When the sphincter muscles have not yet recovered and the mother is pregnant again for the second time, the muscle relaxation will be worse, so the hemorrhoids will be heavier.
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2. Can pregnant women with hemorrhoids give birth naturally?

In general, pregnant women with hemorrhoids can give birth naturally. In cases where hemorrhoids swell too big, cause pain, cannot defecate, surgical intervention is required. However, mothers also need to wait at least 6 weeks after giving birth before they can perform hemorrhoidectomy, because they have to wait for the muscle tissue in the anus to return to normal. At this point, the doctor will help assess the extent of hemorrhoids and choose the appropriate treatment. Except for some cases, it is necessary to manage hemorrhoids before birth or right after birth, before a decision for a patient, a doctor must weigh specific benefits and risks such as:
When having external hemorrhoids Embolism: This is a case requiring emergency surgery, cutting hemorrhoids. However, in these cases, pregnant patients should only perform anesthesia with local anesthesia. Local anesthesia can handle thrombosed hemorrhoids well and does not affect the fetus. If spinal anesthesia is used, it can affect the fetus and can cause miscarriage or premature birth. Obstetricians and gastroenterologists need to consult and come up with the best course of action for the patient. When bleeding grade IV hemorrhoids: In specific cases, the doctor will use temporary measures such as: Using vasoconstrictor drugs, increasing vascular strength such as Daflon (This drug has not been recorded to cause adverse effects. effects on the fetus, is allowed to be used in pregnant women); painkillers, hemostasis; instruct the patient to soak in warm water; Soak locust water... to help shrink hemorrhoids, stop bleeding. After giving birth, the doctor will treat the patient's hemorrhoids later.

3. Solution

When going to the toilet, try not to push, don't sit for too long to put pressure on the anus. Get into the habit of defecating regularly at a certain time of the day. Increase fiber-rich foods, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly such as walking or doing exercises related to the pelvis to promote blood circulation and increase the flexibility of the muscles in the intimate area, helping to ease your labor and help shrink the vulva. Soak the lower body in hot water for 10-15 minutes a few times a day to help relax, stimulate blood circulation, relieve pain, or use ice packs on the area. need to reduce swelling and discomfort. Clean the anal area after each urination. Should use soft, odorless, colorless toilet paper to avoid hurting the anus, you can use wet wipes instead of toilet paper. Limit sitting for too long, when lying down, you should lie on your side, avoid lying on your back or stomach. Lying on the left side is best to reduce blood stasis in the pelvis and anus. Pregnant women should go to the doctor and inform the doctor about their medical condition so that the doctor can conduct an examination and follow-up during the pregnancy until the date of birth to give advice on specific birth methods. body.
Accordingly, the best way to prevent hemorrhoids in pregnant women is to examine and diagnose hemorrhoids at reputable medical facilities to detect early signs of hemorrhoids, thereby taking measures to help reduce the risk of hemorrhoids. Severe progression, it is difficult to intervene when the subject is pregnant. The hemorrhoid examination and diagnosis package of Vinmec International General Hospital will help pregnant women receive advice on how to best prevent, treat and improve hemorrhoids.

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