How long do female orgasms last?

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Orgasm is known as the climax of sexual gratification, which is an intensely satisfying and physically satisfying feeling. However, orgasm is a complex process and varies from man to woman. So how long does an orgasm in women last?

1. What is an orgasm?

Orgasm can be defined in different ways based on many different criteria. Medical professionals use physical changes as the basis for their definition, while psychiatrists base their definitions on emotional and reflexive changes. In fact, a single, general definition of orgasm does not exist.
Sex researchers define orgasm based on patterns of sexual response. Although the process of orgasm varies greatly between individuals, it is generally possible to build a baseline.
The Master and Johnson's four-phase model below has been developed to describe the process of orgasm during love occurring in all forms of sexual response and not limited to sexual intercourse only vagina.
Excited; Stabilization; Orgasm; Exit.

2. How long does an orgasm in women last?

Cực khoái ở nữ giới kéo dài bao lâu
Cực khoái ở phụ nữ kéo dài bao lâu?
Based on Master and Johnson's four-phase model, orgasms in women are different from those in men, and because of this, the duration of orgasm in women is much longer than in men (orgasm in men). The average gender is only 3 seconds):
Excitement: When a woman is physically or mentally stimulated, the blood vessels in the genital area dilate, more blood comes in, vaginal secretions are released, Vagina becomes moist and wide. Heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure increase; Stabilization: When blood flow to the vagina reaches its maximum limit, it becomes firmer. Breasts can increase in size by up to 25%, the clitoris retracting into the pubic bone seems to disappear; Orgasm: The genital muscles contract rhythmically every 0.8s. Orgasms in women usually last longer than men, with an average duration of 13 to 51 seconds. And unlike in men, most women don't have a recovery period, so they can continue to orgasm if aroused again; Relapse: The body gradually returns to normal, the heart rate and breathing rate slow down.

3. How to prolong the orgasm time in women?

If you feel like you haven't had enough or are not satisfied with the time of orgasm, there are several ways to prolong the time of orgasm, the most common of which is to pause stimulation when near orgasm. Repeating this procedure two to three times prolongs orgasm in 65% of women.

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