Signs of infection after abortion

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Infection after abortion is considered a very dangerous complication, not only causing inflammation of the reproductive organs, leading to infertility but also life-threatening. However, recognizing signs of infection after abortion is still difficult, because these signs have many similarities with common symptoms. Let's learn about the signs of infection after an abortion through the article below.

1. The dangers of abortion

Medical abortion or surgical abortion both have harmful effects and dangerous complications to the genital organs, fertility and even a woman's life, specifically as follows:
Abortion by medicine : This method uses oral or suckling pills with the aim of stopping the growth of the fetus, and at the same time stimulating the uterus to contract to push the fetus out. Medical abortion is applied to fetuses between 5 and 7 weeks of age. Before the procedure, the patient will have blood tests, ultrasound ... to assess the status of the fetus. The case of voluntary abortion by taking medicine at home will not ensure the health status of the patient and greatly affect the reproductive function in the future. In some cases, the patient may appear pain and uterine contractions, if not treated promptly, it will lead to sepsis and life-threatening. Residual Aspiration: This occurs when embryos are left in the patient's uterus after aspiration, which also reflects unsuccessful aspiration. Residual abortion will lead to dangerous complications affecting the health in general and reproductive health in particular of women such as anemia, gynecological infections, uterine perforation, infertility - infertility. fetal malformations.
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2. Signs of infection after abortion

Some signs of infection after medical abortion, surgical abortion are as follows:
2.1. Abnormal vaginal bleeding Vaginal bleeding after an abortion is a common condition, and the amount and duration of bleeding depends on the condition of each person. However, most patients show a moderate amount of blood like menstruation in the first few days of abortion, after which the amount of blood will gradually decrease. Bleeding time after abortion usually lasts from 7 to 15 days. In case of infection after abortion, the patient will see a lot more blood than usual and often have the following characteristics:
The amount of blood spills 2 large tampons in 1 hour, and this condition lasts more than 2 hours; Bleeding, the appearance of large blood clots, can cause bleeding and should be taken to medical facilities as soon as possible; Vaginal bleeding that lasts continuously for about 12 hours, with no signs of abating; Vaginal discharge has an unusual color such as milky white with a foul odor. 2.2. Severe abdominal pain Usually after an abortion, the patient may experience lower abdominal pain with vaginal bleeding. In case of medical abortion, abdominal pain with bleeding will appear about 2-4 hours after taking the pill. In particular, the pain will be most intense at the time the fetus is pushed out of the uterus and then the pain will subside. The pain is usually a dull ache that occurs in waves. In the case of surgical abortion, the pain is usually a dull ache during the first week after surgery.
Post-abortion abdominal cramps can be controlled with painkillers such as paracetamol , ibuprofen ... If the pain does not subside but increases after a few days, associated with severe bleeding or symptoms If there are other abnormalities, the patient should pay attention to the post-abortion infection and should go to medical facilities to be examined and treated effectively.

2.3. High fever and difficulty breathing One of the signs of infection after an abortion is a high fever. During the first week after the abortion, patients need to check their temperature at least twice a day. At the time of the first 2 days after the abortion, the patient may have a slight fever. A fever above 38oC combined with dry lips, cold shivers, dirty tongue, dry lips and fever that doesn't show signs of improvement after taking antipyretic could be a sign of infection after abortion. Patients need to visit medical facilities for accurate examination and diagnosis.
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2.4. Irregular menstrual periods One of the signs of infection after an abortion or abortion is irregular periods. A normal menstrual cycle will be slightly clumpy, bright red, and have a fishy odor. For patients after abortion, there is a change in the menstrual cycle such as more menstrual flow, the color changes to dark red, and the menstrual period clots into a strong, fishy lump... are signs of infection. infection after abortion.
2.5. Abnormal vaginal discharge Vaginal discharge is considered a factor that accurately reflects the function of the female reproductive organs. After an abortion, the change of vaginal discharge is a problem that the patient needs to pay attention to. In case of excessive discharge, fishy smell and strange color can be signs of infection after abortion. Patients need to check for other unusual infections to overcome promptly.
2.6. Gynecological infections Due to the impact after the abortion process combined with not cleaning the private area, it leads to the growth of bacteria and fungi in the private area. From there, it leads to gynecological inflammatory diseases with symptoms such as bad breath, itching, burning pain, bleeding during sex...
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3. How to avoid infection after abortion

Symptoms and complications after abortion have a great impact on the health of the patient. However, abortion if performed in large and reputable hospitals will have very little risk of encountering this condition. Therefore, to avoid infection after abortion, patients need to visit reputable and quality medical facilities. In addition, the patient should also note a number of issues as follows:
Before having an abortion, it is necessary to examine and test for sexually transmitted diseases. In case of disease, the patient needs to be treated before abortion to avoid infection after abortion; Use tampons instead of tampons after an abortion to help reduce the risk of infection; Comply with the doctor's instructions on personal life issues such as nutrition, sex, personal hygiene; After an abortion, the patient should not take a cold shower, instead, wipe the body or bathe with hot water with a shower. Limit bathing because it increases the penetration of bacteria; Patients should abstain from sexual intercourse for 4 to 8 weeks after the abortion. Because early sex will increase the risk of bacteria entering the reproductive organs, causing infection; Cleaning the private area should be done from front to back, do not put anything or douche hands into the vagina, do not use cleaning products that cause irritation; Do not drink alcohol, smoke or use drugs after an abortion. Because these substances affect the body's recovery, reduce the effectiveness of the drug and increase the risk of infection; Limit eating greasy foods, fast foods or foods and drinks containing caffeine; Thus, infection after abortion can lead to dangerous consequences and complications for health. Therefore, if you intend to terminate your pregnancy due to an unwanted pregnancy or any other reason, you need to be very careful and it is best to still visit a reputable medical facility. quantity for accurate examination and diagnosis.
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