Ways to treat when pregnant women have sore throat

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The article was advised by Specialist Doctor I Le Thi Phuong - Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Vinmec Ha Long International General Hospital.
Limiting diseases so that you don't have to take drugs during pregnancy is what women want. However, not everyone can get through pregnancy without any health problems. Here are the necessary knowledge when pregnant women have sore throat to properly protect women's health during pregnancy.

1. Causes of sore throat during pregnancy

Let's start from learning some of the main causes of sore throat in pregnant women to better understand and have a reasonable treatment and prevention. Some of the most common causes leading to a sore throat in pregnant women are:
The weather changes suddenly, making the body not adapt in time. Eating salty foods often damages the lining of the throat. Increased mucus secretion. The reduced resistance during pregnancy makes it easy for women to get diseases caused by bacteria in the environment. Hormonal disorders make pregnant women more susceptible to disease. Pregnant women often feel hot, drinking too much ice or sitting in front of a fan for too long can also cause sore throat for pregnant women. Finding the right cause will make it easier to treat a sore throat. Instead of rushing to buy sore throat medicines or resolutely not taking them, you should learn how to treat pregnant women with sore throat scientifically.
bà bầu viêm họng
Thời tiết thay đổi đột ngột, cơ thể không thích nghi kịp có thể khiến bà bầu bị viêm họng.

2. Treatments for pregnant women with sore throat

Sore throat does not seem to be a big problem for people with normal health. However, for pregnant women, this disease causes many worries. In fact, in everyday life, cases of sore throat are often prescribed by doctors with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Many antibiotics can affect the fetus and mother's health if taken in excess.
You need to know that some antibiotics are not harmful to pregnant women such as penicillin (such as amoxicillin and ampicillin), cephalosporins (such as cephalexin), and erythromycin. However, patients still need to have an obstetrician's prescription when taking medicine to treat sore throat. Pregnant women with sore throat should gargle 2 to 3 times a day to disinfect and reduce the feeling of sore throat. In addition, women need to supplement with vitamins A and C to improve the immune system. Vitamin B in animal milk and many other types of milk also helps to quickly reduce inflammation. Vitamin supplements are also essential during pregnancy for every mother. Folk tips also help pregnant women with sore throat to relieve symptoms of dry cough, headache or fever. For example, use salted lemon, carrot juice - honey, perilla juice, fresh radish or turmeric powder.
Treatment of sore throat with pregnant women is not difficult but also not easy. All treatments will have to pay attention to the health of both mother and baby. Prestigious hospitals and a team of dedicated and highly qualified obstetricians will help pregnant women with sore throat feel secure during treatment and quickly overcome the uncomfortable symptoms of sore throat.

3. How to prevent sore throat for pregnant women?

bà bầu viêm họng
Không ăn đồ ăn lạnh vào buổi tối là một trong những mẹo giúp mẹ bầu tránh bị viêm họng.
Pregnant women have reduced resistance to environmental factors, weather - the cause of sore throat. To cope with these factors, pregnant women can pocket a few useful tips:
Always pay attention to keep the body warm: Because pregnant women often have a higher body temperature than normal, some people Neglect to keep warm, leading to easy sore throat. Dress discreetly with comfortable materials so that the body does not get cold when the weather changes or works in an air-conditioned environment. Regularly clean the house, vacuum the dust and disinfect the house to reduce bacteria in the environment. Use a mask when cleaning or walking on the road. Avoid contact with people who are suffering from flu, rhinitis, sore throat. Do not eat cold foods and take cold showers at night. Avoid areas with a lot of secondhand smoke. Do not eat foods that are too spicy, salty or hot. The above are small but essential notes for any pregnant woman who is at risk of getting a sore throat. Although it is not a strange or serious disease, having a sore throat will also somewhat affect the mother and the fetus in the womb. Incorrect use of drugs prescribed for pregnant women can lead to unpredictable consequences. Seek medical attention right away if your dry cough gets worse, persists, or your fever persists.

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