Vinmec Research Institute of Stem Cells and Gene Technology


Vinmec Research Institute of Stem Cells and Gene Technology (VRISG) is a non-profit biomedical research institute within the Vinmec healthcare system, operating under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Liem. VRISG was officially established in October 2016 based on the outstanding achievements of Vinmec Center for Stem Cells and Gene Technology, which has been operating since March 2014.

VRISG is a significant investment by Vingroup to establish a strategic research unit in the field of biomedicine with the goal of discovering, developing, and using cell and gene therapies in the treatment of diseases for Vietnamese people. VRISG is dedicating all of its resources to become a pioneer in Biomedical and Regenerative Medicine research with potential for clinical application in Vietnam and the region, with the motto: "Be more creative and innovative."


The mission of the Institute of Stem Cell and Gene Technology is to research and apply the most modern technologies in the fields of Biomedical and Regenerative Medicine  to improve healthcare for Vietnamese people.


To deliver world-class quality healthcare services by being a pioneer in biomedical and regenerative medicine teaching, research, and application of high technology.

Key objectives

The Research Institute's overarching purpose is to concentrate on application-oriented research in order to quickly translate basic scientific discoveries into therapeutic applications. With the motto of creating and being more creative, we focus on the following specific goals:

  • Development of gene/cell-based medical therapies to treat incurable diseases
  • Producing medicinal preparations (off-the-self) from stem cells
  • Development and validation of stem cell technologies
  • Studying the molecular and cellular mechanisms that control tissue regeneration and immunoregulatory play a crucial role in the effectiveness of developed and emerging therapies
  • Establishing a laboratory system that meets GMP standards for the purpose of producing stem cells and immune cells.
Our Doctors
  • Cancer Research Department
  • Gene Technology Department
  • Stem Cells and Immune Cells Room
  • Research on stem cell therapy in treatment of: autism, type 2 diabetes, hormone deficiency, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, neurological sequelae after traumatic brain injury, cirrhosis due to congenital biliary atresia, infertility birth due to uterine adhesion syndrome, cancer treatment, genetic disease, and autoimmune disease,...
  • Research on gene therapy in: treatment of beta-thalassemia congenital hemolytic disease, Identification of mutations in patients with autism spectrum disorder in Vietnam, Determination of genetic spectrum of congenital blindness (LCA) in Vietnamese blind children, Developing a new diagnostic method for cholestatic jaundice in children.
  • Immunotherapy research: CAR-T cell therapy is being developed to treat a variety of blood cancers, research to identify autoimmune antigens and autoimmune T cells that cause type I narcolepsy.
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