Is the ventricular septal defect dangerous?

I have a friend, her child is 18 years old, suddenly he has a heart attack, went to the doctor and said that the ventricular septal defect is around the membrane and the hole is small, so it will seal itself, no need to take medicine and Just give vitamins. But seeing that he kept hurting his heart, my friend was very worried. Doctor, is my condition dangerous?
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Hello, Ms. You should advise your friend to take her for regular echocardiography to re-evaluate the ventricular septal defect as well as the hemodynamics of the heart, from which the doctors will give specific advice to your family. The family can take the child to the hospitals of Vinmec Health System for further advice from the doctor.
Thank you for trusting Vinmec. Looking forward to meeting you and your friends for more specific advice.
Answered by Master, Doctor Ngo Dac Thanh Huy - Cardiologist - Department of Medical Examination & Internal Medicine - Vinmec Danang International General Hospital.
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