Treatment methods for damage to two heart valves

Hello doctor,
My mother has tight stenosis, mild mitral regurgitation, mild aortic regurgitation and severe pulmonary hypertension. I would like to consult a doctor for treatment methods for damage to the two heart valves. Thank you!
Le Thi Yen (Ho Chi Minh)
Hello! For questions about Treatment methods for damage to two heart valves, the doctor would like to answer as follows:
According to the presentation, your mother has damage to 2 heart valves, in which the mitral valve is more severe. with stricture causing severe pulmonary hypertension. The doctor indicated that the treatment was heart valve replacement surgery, which improved symptoms and survival prognosis. Currently, there is a method of percutaneous balloon mitral valve dilation to improve the valve opening area, which is a minimally invasive interventional method, but is indicated in patients with suitable lesions and also helps to delay valve replacement surgery. Therefore, you should take your mother to be examined at cardiovascular centers with heart surgery or hospitals of Vinmec Health System nationwide to be accurately assessed for heart valve damage, for appropriate treatment instructions. , treatment planning and follow-up after intervention.
Thank you for trusting and sharing your worries with Vinmec. Best regards!

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Answered by Master, Doctor Tran Hong Nhat - Interventional Cardiologist - Cardiovascular Center - Vinmec Central Park International General Hospital.

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