The fastest way to cure dysentery

Dysentery is one of the diseases in the gastrointestinal tract that causes discomfort for patients in eating and daily activities. If not treated promptly and quickly, it can cause blood infection, liver abscess.... So how to treat dysentery? Here are the fastest ways to cure dysentery that people can refer to, from which to choose the most effective treatment when they have it.

1. Causes of dysentery

Before you want to know the fastest and most effective way to treat dysentery, people need to know what causes this condition?
Dysentery is a disease occurring in the gastrointestinal tract with the manifestation of bowel movements, stools are not shaped and are white with mucus or bloody, accompanied by abdominal cramps, sometimes a lot of pain. and uneasiness.
The cause of dysentery is due to foreign infection, low blood pressure penetrates into the body, causing damage to the stomach, weak spleen and stomach function, causing stagnation, abnormal metabolism causing disease.
In addition, an unreasonable diet, eating too much raw, cold or unhygienic food causes the plague to enter the stomach, causing stagnation and dysentery.
If dysentery is not treated in time, it will cause discomfort to the patient in daily activities, making the disease worse and even in some cases bacteremia, liver abscess...
Therefore, when suffering from dysentery, people need to have effective and timely treatment to avoid the effects of the disease on daily activities and health. Before treating dysentery, the patient needs to go to a medical facility for examination. After determining the extent of the disease, the doctor will have indications and effective treatment advice.
Depending on the severity of the disease, the patient can apply some of the following dysentery treatments.

2. The fastest way to cure dysentery with folk remedies at home

Cure dysentery by folk methods at home is also chosen by many people to apply both with good effect, cost-effective and safe and benign. Some home remedies for dysentery are applied by many people such as:
2.1. How to cure dysentery with purslane purslane is a familiar vegetable and is processed into daily vegetable dishes such as cooking soup, boiling, stir-frying... In addition, purslane can also help treat dysentery, remove worms and cure boils.
How to cure dysentery with purslane is very simple, you just need to take about 200g of fresh purslane, washed and pounded to extract the juice, then bring to a boil, add 1 teaspoon of honey and drink on an empty stomach. If you are severely ill and have bloody stools, you can add some sharpness to it with centella asiatica, which will increase the effect very well.
2.2. Cure dysentery with feathery apricot leaves In folklore, plum leaves are considered an effective medicine to treat dysentery. Apricot leaves have a bitter taste and cool properties that help to kill bacteria very well, so it is often used as one of the effective remedies for dysentery.
How to do: Take 1 handful of feathery apricot leaves, wash, small and put in a bowl, crack 1-2 more chicken eggs into the bowl and then steam in a water bath or wrap the grilled banana leaves in a hot pan until the eggs are visible. When ripe, eat 3-4 times/day. Consistently applying this method will help improve dysentery very well
2.3. Treatment of dysentery with sapodilla Treating dysentery with sapodilla is also one of the fastest ways to cure dysentery that many people apply at home.
How to do it as follows: Cut the green sapodilla into many thin slices, then dry and yellow to use gradually. When having diarrhea, dysentery, take about 10 slices of dried sapodilla and bring it to the decoction with water to drink twice a day.
2.4. How to treat dysentery with lettuce leaves According to traditional medicine, lettuce leaves have a sour taste, are slightly cold and refer to the Can and waste business, have the effect of clearing heat, low permeability, only schizophrenia, emphysema, and low profit. . Lettuce is also commonly used by folk to treat dysentery.
How to do it: Take 1 handful of lettuce leaves, washed, crushed to get the juice to drink directly or can be mixed with warm water and drink.
2.5. Using guava leaves Guava leaves contain many antioxidants, which are effective against many diseases and can cure dysentery.
How to cure dysentery with guava leaves is done as follows:
Method 1: Take 20g guava buds (young guava tops), 10 grilled ginger, and 20g 20g roasted rice and 20g bamboo shoots. Put the ingredients in a kettle to get water and divide it into several times a day. Method 2: Take 20g of star guava buds, add 10g of dried tangerine peel, 10g of cooked ginger. All ingredients are put in a warm pot with 400ml of water until the remaining 100ml is divided into 2 times a day. Method 3: Take 20g guava leaves, 20g dried grapefruit peel, 10g fresh tea leaves, 2 slices of fresh ginger. Put all these ingredients in a pot and drink it 2-3 times a day. 2.6. How to cure dysentery with figs In figs contain many nutritional components such as glucose, glucose, citric acid and organic acids, figs can treat intestinal parasites.
Therefore, when you have dysentery, you can eat a few fresh figs is also good or you can boil the figs and eat, cooking porridge with figs also helps to improve the symptoms of dysentery.
2.7. Treat dysentery with banana You can eat green bananas to treat dysentery, because the peel and green banana sap have the effect of killing fungi and intestinal bacteria. Therefore, you can eat green bananas to cure dysentery and if you find it acrid, you can add a little salt, note that when eating, you should eat pepper bananas.

3. The fastest way to cure dysentery with medicine

In addition to folk remedies, for mild cases of dysentery, the patient can be treated with medicine, combined with a reasonable diet and rest and supplemented with water. electrolytes for the body.
Some drugs that help treat dysentery are commonly used such as: Bismuth subsalicylate, Metronidazole, Tinidazole...
However, patients should note that the drug must be prescribed by a doctor and indicated after examine and understand the specific condition of the patient. Therefore, when suffering from dysentery, the patient should consult a doctor to prescribe appropriate medication. Absolutely do not arbitrarily use drugs when not prescribed will make the disease not improve but also potentially pose many health risks.
Above are some quick, simple, easy and inexpensive ways to cure dysentery used by many people. However, to have the most effective and fastest treatment, the patient should consult and consult a specialist.

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