What is called heavy drinking?

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Drinking alcohol at a reasonable level will help good digestion and prevent cardiovascular diseases. On the contrary, drinking too much is dangerous and will directly affect health.

1. What is considered heavy drinking?

Subjects who drink heavily will have the following daily alcohol consumption levels:
Number of grams of alcohol consumed per day: more than 30 grams of spirits 40 degrees of alcohol: more than 75ml of alcohol per day of 12 degrees of alcohol: over 260ml of alcohol per day

2. What is considered excessive drinking?

Subjects who drink too much will have the following levels of alcohol consumption:
Number of grams of alcohol/day: drink more than 4 units of alcohol/day Strong alcohol 40 alcohol: drink more than 100ml/day 12 alcohol wine: drink over 350ml/day 1 unit of alcohol is equivalent to a 30ml cup of spirits (40%).
Drinking a lot of alcohol will cause many harms to the drinker and the people around him.

3. How much alcohol is safe for health?

According to research by the authorities, the accident rate and the risk of disease increase significantly if a person drinks more than 2 units of alcohol per day. The more alcohol you drink, the higher your risk of death.
For men, do not drink more than 14 units in 1 week. If you drink alcohol, you should only drink in moderation: no more than 3 alcohol units / day for men, no more than 2 alcohol units / day for women.
To avoid exceeding the safe limit of health, it is necessary to know how to drink in moderation, which will bring many health benefits:
Như thế nào được gọi là uống nhiều rượu?
Uống rượu quá nhiều ảnh hưởng tới sức khỏe

4. Moderate alcohol content

Number of grams of alcohol/day: drink 1-3 units of alcohol per day 40-degree alcohol: drink from 25-75ml per day 12-degree wine: drink from 88-260ml 1 unit of wine usually has from 8-14g pure alcohol, each unit is equivalent to 270ml beer or 1 cup of 125m wine, or 1 cup of 25ml spirits.

5. Harm of drinking too much?

When excessive alcohol abuse, excessive alcohol consumption will bring many harms as follows:
Memory loss, mental instability Disturbance of sleep Decreased working capacity
Như thế nào được gọi là uống nhiều rượu?
Uống rượu nhiều gây suy giảm trí nhớ
Risk of dangerous diseases such as cancer (stomach cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, ...). The incidence is higher the more you drink. During pregnancy, if the mother drinks a lot of alcohol, the baby will be prone to malformations, the baby's weight is limited The risk of mental diseases, liver cancer, cardiovascular diseases also increases (increased blood pressure, prone to stroke, cerebrovascular accident ...) Drinking a lot of alcohol causes water-electrolyte imbalance, and is prone to urinary tract diseases, kidney stones. Many people still believe that drinking a lot of alcohol will help the body to quench their thirst, but this is a completely wrong concept. Heavy drinking causes negative effects on motor function and thinking process of users. Drinking alcohol can cause traffic accidents. Alcohol causes distraction, driving in an unconscious state causes very heavy damage to yourself and those around you. Currently, alcohol is one of the top ten causes of death in the world. People need to raise their awareness of drinking alcohol at a reasonable level.

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