After 1 week of anal fistula surgery, does the incision discharge pus with a dangerous fishy odor?

Hello doctor! I had a complicated anal fistula surgery, it's been 1 week now, the incision is long from the labia majora to the anus. There is a constriction rubber band but after surgery, I still see from the incision there is still pus discharge with pink fluid with a fishy smell. I don't know if that's normal, because the doctor said surgery to leave the wound open for drainage, but I'm still worried. Hope a specialist doctor can help me answer the case, after 1 week of anal fistula surgery, the incision is oozing pus with a dangerous fishy odor? Thank you.
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Hello! Complicated anal fistula treatment using Selton technique to drain the incision, avoid cutting this sphincter, these strings will be tightened slowly so that the sphincter bundles are not completely damaged in order to avoid fecal leakage due to injury. sphincter.
If you notice any abnormalities in your current incision, you should return to the medical facility to discuss further with the treating doctor or you can go to a hospital under Vinmec Health System for an in-depth examination. than.
Thank you for trusting and sharing the problem of "Anal fistula surgery 1 week with pus discharge with pink discharge with fishy smell" to Vinmec. Hope you get well soon.

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Answered by Master, Doctor Duong Xuan Loc - Gastroenterologist - General Surgery Department - Vinmec Danang International General Hospital
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