"Vaginal area" is painful and smells like what to do?

Hello doctor! My baby is 5 years old, 2 days ago, before going to bed, he complained of pain in the vagina and smell. So, how do you treat the doctor? Looking forward to consulting your doctor. Thank you doctor!
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Hello doctor. A 6-year-old girl often has gynecological itching at night, what is the cause, what is the treatment? Please consult your doctor. Thank you doctor.
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Hello doctor. Doctor, let me ask you. My daughter is more than 5 years old this year, but for a week now she often complains of pain in her vagina. Sometimes I see you complain of pain, not itching. Should I use a baby-specific sanitizer? I asked my doctor for advice. Thank you.
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Hello! If the girl has symptoms of pain, itching "vaginal area" with green or brown discharge, the discharge has an unpleasant odor, sometimes accompanied by urination, pain, then she may have a gynecological infection problem. In this case, you should take your child to see a qualified doctor at a reputable hospital for advice on the right treatment for your child.
You can take your baby to the hospitals of Vinmec Health System nationwide to be examined and consulted by qualified doctors.
Thank you for submitting your question to Vinmec Health System. Sincerely
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