How to take care of the skin after laser shot

Laser treatments are an effective way to improve skin appearance and overall rejuvenation. Laser energy can range from helping to reduce wrinkles to removing freckles. However, to get the best results from this procedure, including treatment and prevention of complications, post-laser skin care also needs to be done carefully with the right guidance. specialize.

1. How does skin recover from laser skin resurfacing?

No matter which cosmetic laser treatment you decide to use, Fraxel Restore, CO2 Laser or Erbium, YAG laser, your skin will look so much better after the treatment.
Indeed, laser skin resurfacing is an effective and safe option to reduce wrinkles, acne scars and improve skin tone, remove freckles.
However, after laser treatment on the face, the patient needs to know how to take care of the next skin as well as choose and use which post-laser skin care products are safe for the skin. Dermatologists will give some recommendations and notes to keep in mind after laser treatment on the face to help the skin recover quickly according to each client's location.
Accordingly, while lasers can do wonders for the skin and even help remove acne scars, the healing process will not be completely complete. To accomplish this, users need to keep in mind that after laser resurfacing treatment is to be patient. Initially, the skin will be irritated, red and swollen. As the new layer of skin emerges, the outermost layer becomes dry and flaky. During this process, which usually lasts five to seven days, remember not to touch or rub the skin, but let it heal on its own.
chăm sóc da sau khi bắn laser
Việc chăm sóc da sau khi bắn laser đóng vai trò quan trọng trong việc phục hồi làn da

2. How to take care of the skin after laser shooting

To get the most out of laser skin resurfacing, follow the simple skin care instructions below and enjoy a complete skin restoration.
Take a day off : Although laser resurfacing is a non-invasive procedure, skin care should be taken after laser treatment. The old skin will peel off; so stay indoors, enjoy a day of freedom and avoid pollution and stress for a day or two. The user can then continue to recover with their daily routine.
Avoid heat: Another recommendation from doctors when caring for skin after laser resurfacing is to avoid exposing the skin to hot temperatures. Avoid showers or baths with very hot water and try to shower with warm or cold water instead. This also applies to saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs. Consider sticking to this for two to three days.
Cleaning : Depending on the treatment area and skin condition, the doctor will give instructions on how to properly clean. Usually, facial cleansing should only be done four or five times a week. Some doctors recommend using a face wash that contains vinegar and water, but before applying, consult your doctor. If wanting to take extra precautions after a facial laser treatment, use a very mild and gentle cleanser and avoid exfoliants and products containing any astringents. skin or Benzoyl Peroxide and Retin-A.
Moisturizing : It is important to keep skin hydrated after laser resurfacing treatment. Your doctor will tell you exactly what products to use, as some active ingredients in products and moisturizers can interfere with the laser's effects.
Cold : A good way to reduce redness in skin care after laser treatment is to apply cold to the treated area. Remember, do not apply chemicals or any other lotion and do not rub the skin.
chăm sóc da sau bắn laser tàn nhang
Tránh xa mặt trời là một cách chăm sóc da sau bắn laser tàn nhang

Stay out of the sun: At least for a month including avoiding direct sunlight and tanning beds for a month after laser treatment. Sun exposure slows down the skin's natural healing process. If you need to go outside, use plenty of sunscreen to protect your skin. It is important to consult a dermatologist to find out exactly which brand and type of sunscreen is the best choice for you.
Respect the natural look : Do not wear makeup for at least five days after laser treatment. If makeup is necessary, try using a new layer of skin-safe makeup products after laser treatment to minimize the risk of infection. Once the skin heals and is approved by the doctor, one laser-friendly post-laser skin care product is mineral makeup; Also, remember to use a new cotton pad for each application.
In summary, skin treated with laser resurfacing can react in different ways. Typically, users will experience a mild sunburn, itching or stinging sensation, sometimes with redness and swelling for a few days afterward. During this time, post-laser skin care needs to be done properly, which will both help minimize the risk of side effects after the treatment as well as the laser skin resurfacing process to achieve perfect beauty. .

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