Detecting cerebrovascular malformations when going to the headache clinic

When there are symptoms of prolonged headache or convulsions... but the cause is unknown, you need to be examined and consulted to detect cerebrovascular malformations and proactively treat, avoid to ruptured malformations, causing very high morbidity and mortality.
According to Dr. Ton That Tri Dung - Head of the Department of Examination and Internal Medicine - Vinmec Da Nang International General Hospital, cerebral arteriovenous malformation is a very dangerous disease, when rupture causes very high mortality and is common. after cerebral aneurysm.
Although cerebral arteriovenous malformations are dangerous diseases, their symptoms are often very vague (mainly prolonged headaches or seizures..), so most patients with this disease are easily missed for Until the brain vascular malformation bursts and causes acute symptoms, the patient often comes to the hospital in emergency conditions such as vomiting, headache, confusion, paralysis of the limbs and can lead to death. before the hospital or at the hospital if not treated promptly.
The prevalence in the community is about 0.15%-1.0%. The most common age group is 15-50 years old. Men get the disease more often than women.
Endovascular intervention method is a minimally invasive method, the patient does not need to open the skull, may not need anesthesia, so it limits the complications and complications. However, this is a high technique, the technicians must be experienced, well-trained, and fully organize the crew and modern facilities to be able to deploy. Currently, in the central region, Vinmec Danang Hospital is one of the few hospitals that successfully implement this technique.
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