Emergency treatment of pneumothorax

The article was written by MSc Le Thi Thanh Huong - Emergency Medicine Doctor - Emergency Resuscitation Department - Vinmec Central Park International General Hospital

Pneumothorax occurs when air flows between the lung and the chest wall, causing the lung on the side of the pneumothorax to collapse, reducing the ability to breathe.

1. Types of pneumothorax

Spontaneous pneumothorax: the cause is not clear, some think it may be due to congenital air bubbles in the lung that burst, allowing air to escape into the pleural space. Pneumothorax in this way usually occurs suddenly in healthy young adults, between the ages of 20 and 40 years, especially common in tall and thin people, sometimes with genetic predisposition. Secondary pneumothorax: occurs when you have had previous lung diseases (asthma, tuberculosis, whooping cough, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), ...). In addition, trauma to the lungs or chest can also be the cause of pneumothorax.

2. Factors that may increase the risk of pneumothorax

Gender: men are more often affected than women; Smoking: the risk of disease increases the longer and more you smoke;
Hút thuốc bệnh phổi
Hút thuốc là một trong các nguyên nhân chính làm tăng nguy cơ tràn khí màng phổi

Heredity: some types of pneumothorax can be hereditary; Lung disease: if you have had certain lung diseases before, your chances of getting sick are increased; Mechanical ventilation: if you are helped with mechanical ventilation, you are likely to develop a pneumothorax; Have had a pneumothorax in the past. Just because you don't have risk factors doesn't mean you can't get the disease. The above signs are for reference only.

3. Signs to recognize pneumothorax

Sudden rapid breathing and sharp pain in the chest, especially when inhaling and exhaling. There are also other symptoms such as:
Shortness of breath; Fainting; Pale skin; Fatigue easily; Fast heart beat. There may be other symptoms and signs not mentioned. If you have any questions about the signs of illness, consult your doctor.
Examinations needed to make a diagnosis:
The doctor will listen to breathing sounds with a stethoscope. Lung ultrasound or chest X-ray may be diagnostic. In addition, your doctor will be able to check the amount of oxygen in your blood and check your heart with an electrocardiogram to determine if you have a pneumothorax.
tràn khí màng phổi tự phát
Tràn khí màng phổi cần được thăm khám và chẩn đoán kịp thời tránh nguy hiểm tới tính mạng người bệnh

4. Methods used to treat pneumothorax

Treatment depends on the degree of pneumothorax and the cause.
Mild pneumothorax can be treated by allowing the body to breathe on its own. More severe pneumothorax: The doctor may use a syringe or tube placed in the chest to remove air. If the hole is large and/or a lot of air is leaking out, you may need to keep the tube in place for a few days to keep the lung inflated until the hole heals. In case the above methods still do not resolve, you will need surgery to prevent further air from entering the lungs. The information provided is not a substitute for medical professional advice. Always consult your doctor.

5. Lifestyle can help you limit the progression of pneumothorax

The following lifestyle and lifestyle habits will help you limit the progression of pneumothorax:
Follow up with scheduled appointments to monitor the progress of your symptoms as well as your health status; Take medicine under the guidance of a doctor, do not arbitrarily take drugs that are not prescribed or arbitrarily quit drugs prescribed for you; Tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, both prescription and nonprescription;
Bệnh nhân cần uống thuốc đều đặn
Người bệnh cần thông báo với bác sĩ các loại thuốc đang sử dụng
Tell your doctor if you are pregnant;
Call your doctor if you have a fever or see pus draining from your chest tube, as you may have an infection or pneumonia. Vinmec International General Hospital is one of the hospitals that not only ensures professional quality with a team of leading doctors, modern equipment and technology, but also stands out for its examination and consulting services. and comprehensive, professional medical treatment; civilized, polite, safe and sterile medical examination and treatment space. Customers when choosing to perform tests here can be completely assured of the accuracy of test results.

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