Treatment of chronic urethritis

Chronic urethritis is a severe stage of urethritis, which may have been caused by not timely detection and proper treatment. Therefore, the treatment of chronic urethritis is often more difficult and requires much more persistence than urethritis detected early.

1. Chronic urethritis

The urethra is an important genital organ, responsible for carrying urine from the bladder to the outside and conducting secretions from the seminal vesicles out of the body during sexual intercourse. Therefore, when the urethra encounters pathological conditions, it will affect the function of excreting urine, ejaculating function and may have dangerous complications related to fertility as well as a other nearby institutions.
Urethritis is a condition in which the urethra is infected with bacteria, caused by certain bacteria such as Chlamydia, E. Coli, gonorrhea... These bacteria enter the human urethra due to some Common causes are as follows:
Improper genital hygiene: not cleaning regularly, wearing tight pants that make the urethra moist, secret, unsafe water, using chemicals that cause irritation for genital hygiene...
Thủ dâm quá nhiều
Thủ dâm quá nhiều có thể gây viêm niệu đạo mãn tính

Habit of frequent masturbation Unhealthy sex life: having unprotected sex, not using methods such as condoms, having sex with many people... Due to complications left after performing the wrong procedures such as dilating the urethra, placing a urinary catheter... Abnormalities in the male foreskin such as narrowing of the foreskin, length of the foreskin... make it difficult to clean these positions. Although urethritis is not an emergency or life-threatening disease, if not treated early or detected too late, the disease will turn into chronic urethritis, which is a serious condition and to dangerous side effects to the patient. Chronic urethritis can affect both men and women, at any age, but women are more commonly affected. Some typical symptoms of chronic urethritis are as follows:

Appearance of discharge, with a bad smell. Urinary burning, hot urination Frequent urination, urinary incontinence. The urethral opening is swollen, red, and has abnormal mucus discharge. Pain during sex Fever, chills. Back pain, pelvic pain. For men, there may be additional symptoms of white or cloudy or green pus discharge at the foreskin, with a foul odor. If the patient already has chronic urethritis, the treatment will be long, more difficult and may cause some complications as follows:
Urinary system disorder: local scar formation, causing Urethral stricture leads to difficulty urinating, painful urination. Chronic urethritis causes infection upstream leading to chronic kidney failure. Some other urinary tract diseases such as cystitis, prostatitis, vasculitis, seminal vesitis...
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Bàng quang bị viêm do viêm niệu đạo mãn tính

2. Treatment of chronic urethritis

Chronic urethritis is still treatable, but it is quite difficult and requires the persistence of both the doctor and the patient throughout the treatment process. pathogens are already resistant to antibiotics. Therefore, to be successful in the treatment of chronic urethritis, it is necessary to have a specific regimen and prescribe some specific drugs to treat chronic urethritis.
The first step in the treatment of chronic urethritis is to determine the exact cause of the disease. It is necessary to combine the examination of the disease, examine the physical symptoms and perform some necessary laboratory tests to find out the exact bacteria causing the disease, to avoid temporary and incomplete treatment. If the cause is a common bacteria like E. Coli, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics, but if the disease is caused by something like gonorrhea, Chlamydia, which is sexually transmitted, a complex treatment regimen is needed. more complex and needs to be combined with some other methods. More specifically, some ways to treat chronic urethritis are as follows:
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Xét nghiệm dịch niệu đạo giúp điều trị bệnh chính xác hơn

Some antibiotics orally or intravenously will be prescribed for each different patient population, with the general purpose of eliminating pathogenic bacteria, preventing them from growing and spreading to organs. around. Treatment of chronic urethritis with male medicine is also a method applied in cases where the patient cannot use antibiotics for treatment. Because Oriental medicine is usually benign and does not cause side effects for users, some patients who are allergic to antibiotic ingredients can treat chronic urethritis with herbal medicine. It is also possible to combine Western and Eastern medicine for the most effective treatment, although the results may take longer to manifest when using antibiotics. Surgical treatment is the last resort, applied in patients with chronic urethritis too severe, which can be surgical removal or aspiration of pus from the urethra or the part of the urethra that has been necrotic.
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Khám sức khỏe định kỳ giúp phát hiện sớm bệnh lý

During the treatment of chronic urethritis, patients need to adhere to the following notes:
Limit sex during treatment, if any, use precautions. Clean the body regularly, especially the genitals. Do not arbitrarily quit treatment, strictly follow the regimen given by the doctor. When discovering that they are sick, they should notify people at risk of infection from themselves to protect public health. Chronic urethritis is a serious urinary tract infection that needs to be treated as soon as possible to avoid dangerous complications. There are many methods to treat chronic urethritis but it is very difficult, requiring persistence in treatment and compliance with treatment requirements to the end for the disease to be completely cured.
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