Why is urethritis easy to recur?

Urethritis, if detected early and treated promptly, does not affect the patient's health. However, some cases are not diagnosed and treated early, causing recurrent urethritis and leaving some dangerous complications.

1. Urethritis

Urethritis is a common urinary tract infection that can occur in men and women of all ages. The disease is caused by some bacteria such as Chlamydia, gonorrhea... Urethritis is more common in men than in women, mainly caused by unsafe sex.
Urethritis in women is often caused by the female urethral orifice, an abnormality of the urethral diverticulum, or the habit of cleaning the genitals from back to front that causes bacteria from the anal faeces to go to the hole. urinating and causing urinary tract infections, improper hygiene after sex, during menstruation, women's genitals are often not cleaned properly, thus creating favorable conditions. for bacterial growth, frequent constipation, decreased hormones, altered urine pH...
Children can also get urethritis in case of abnormalities, abnormalities of the urethra right away. from birth, for example posterior urethral valve malformation. Some typical manifestations of urethritis include painful urination, burning urine, frequent urination, blood in the urine, cloudy urine, unusual odor, abnormal discharge in men, and abnormal discharge in women. pain in the lower abdomen, the whole body has symptoms of fever, chills, body weakness, in more severe cases, urethritis may be purulent and necrotic.
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When having the above symptoms, the patient should go to a medical facility to do some more necessary tests such as testing for 10 urine parameters, urine culture to identify bacteria, making antibiotics ... for the diagnosis of urethritis or differential diagnosis with other diseases. If the clinical symptoms listed above are accompanied by laboratory tests showing a large number of white blood cells in the urine and high urine nitrite, a urinary tract infection may be suspected. on the patient. Then, techniques such as urine culture to identify bacteria and making antibiotic charts will help doctors choose the right regimen and antibiotic for the patient. If these techniques are not performed correctly, finding the cause of urethritis will fail, leading to inappropriate treatment, which is one of the reasons leading to recurrent urethritis. Therefore, patients need to choose reputable medical facilities to be examined, perform paraclinical tests, diagnose and have the most effective treatment.

2. Recurrent urethritis

Urethritis, if not treated in time, can cause an infection upstream leading to cystitis, pyelonephritis ... For female urethritis, it is easy to relapse, there are It may be due to the incorrect finding of the cause of the disease, leading to an inappropriate treatment, so it does not bring about effective treatment, or because the patient does not follow the instructions that the doctor has advised during the treatment. treatment leads to recurrent urethritis. This condition is explained by the body's immune hypersensitivity to the previous episode of urethritis, causing the inflammatory reaction to continue to cause recurrent urethritis.
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To overcome recurrent urethritis, especially with recurrent urethritis more than 2 times / 6 months, it will be treated with prophylactic antibiotics with low doses as prescribed by the doctor. The use of this antibiotic can last for many months, or break the drug for a week, take a week off and continue the same course, usually after sex or at bedtime. Some drugs used for recurrent urethritis are Azithromycin, Erythromycin, Metronidazole...
During treatment, patients need to strictly adhere to the following:
Drink plenty of water, about over 2l/day . Urinating often, do not hold urine for too long because urine is a favorable environment for bacteria to grow. Do not have sex until completely cured. Do not drink alcohol during treatment. Do not eat spicy and hot food during treatment.
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Recurrent urethritis is common in patients with a history of urethritis, especially with female urethritis. To overcome this situation, treating doctors need to find out the exact cause of the disease in order to have an effective treatment regimen, and the patient also needs to be persistent and follow the instructions for a period of treatment. rigorous way to recover quickly.
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