Why is zinc good for men?

Zinc is one of the elements that plays a very important role in men's health. Zinc deficiency causes sperm thinning, which is one of the causes of infertility, even infertility. Zinc supplementation for men is an effective measure to improve sperm quality and increase fertility.

1. The role of zinc in male reproductive health

Zinc (Zn) is an important trace element, affecting the functional activities of many organs in the body. Although only a small amount, zinc is a component of at least 300 different enzymes and is involved in hundreds of metabolic processes. Any deficiency or excess of zinc affects health.
Zinc is good for men, considered a "golden" mineral for reproductive and sexual health. The positive effects of zinc on male reproductive health are as follows:
Zinc increases physiological strength and helps maintain long-term reproductive health: Zinc is an indispensable ingredient in the structure of testosterone. At the same time, zinc also plays an important role in the structure, synthesis and secretion of many other hormones. Zinc is essential for sperm production. Most cases of low sex drive, low sperm count and low sperm count are caused by zinc deficiency. Helps increase sperm motility: For men, zinc concentration in semen is directly related to sperm quality. Frequent ejaculation can cause zinc deficiency. Each time a man ejaculates, the male body needs about 5 milligrams of zinc, which is equivalent to about half of the zinc that the body absorbs per day. Zinc deficiency in men can cause decreased sex drive, reduced sperm quantity and quality, and abnormal sperm morphology. Besides, zinc deficiency is also the cause of 50% lower sperm motility. Poor sperm motility is one of the causes of male infertility. Therefore, zinc is an effective assistant for men. Supplementing with zinc for men will help increase the strength and motility of sperm when swimming to the egg for fertilization. Reducing the risk of prostate cancer: Zinc plays a very important role in the prostate gland. More zinc is concentrated in semen and prostate gland than in any other organ in the body. Zinc deficiency in men can increase the risk of prostate enlargement and other changes in the male gonads. Therefore, zinc is related to fertility, especially zinc is important for men through middle age - the age when prostate problems begin to appear. Moreover, zinc also has the ability to stimulate the body to produce a protein that has the effect of "paralyzing" cadmium - a dangerous substance that can cause prostate cancer. Thyroid protection: Zinc is one of the important minerals involved in the production of thyroid hormones. In men, if this process is interrupted, it will lead to a decrease in the amount of male sex hormones.
bổ sung kẽm cho nam giới
Bổ sung kẽm cho nam giới giúp tăng sức khỏe sinh sản

2. Evaluation of zinc concentration in semen

The semen analysis test will check sperm morphology, count the number and density of sperm, evaluate motility and abnormality of sperm survival rate. In addition, with specialized techniques, the amount of zinc in the semen is also measured. Normally, the zinc concentration in semen is within the range of 0.3 - 1.5 μmol/L. A significant increase or decrease in this value is a warning sign for abnormalities of sperm and fertility.
Semen analysis and measurement of zinc levels in semen help determine the cause of low sperm quality and the cause of infertility in men. From there, appropriate interventions will be devised to increase sperm count and quality as well as sexual ability, contributing to reducing male infertility.
bổ sung kẽm cho nam giới
Những thực phẩm giúp bổ sung kẽm cho nam giới

3. How to supplement zinc for men to increase reproductive health

Zinc deficiency is associated with low testosterone levels, decreased sex drive, decreased sperm quantity and quality, and increased risk of infertility in men. Research shows that the majority of men with high zinc levels have much healthier sperm than men with low zinc levels. Therefore, supplementing with zinc for men is one of the fundamental and important measures for male fertility, helping to improve sperm quality and reduce the risk of infertility in men.
Knowing the right way to supplement zinc for men will help promote reproductive health. Men can increase the amount of zinc for the body by the following methods:
Zinc supplements for men through the diet This is the best, simplest and most effective way to supplement zinc for men. Foods containing high zinc content such as lean beef, liver, chicken, egg whites, milk, seafood such as mackerel, squid, shrimp, oysters and especially oysters. At the same time, men should eat more whole grains, sesame seeds, green beans, yellow or dark green vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, asparagus, kale. Carrots and purple sweet potatoes are also good sources of zinc. Fruits such as kiwi, apples, red grapes, oranges should be eaten regularly.
Zinc supplements for men through functional foods Zinc supplements for men can be through zinc-containing functional foods to increase libido, increase vitality, increase sperm count and quality. However, the use of drugs or dietary supplements must be authorized and guided by a specialist.
In addition to zinc supplementation, men also need to build a healthy, scientific lifestyle, including:
Limit smoking; Limit the use of alcohol as well as stimulants; Actively exercise sports Control ideal weight, avoid overweight and obesity; Limit stress, tension and anxiety; Go to bed on time and make sure to get enough sleep; Safe sex life. In summary, zinc is one of the elements that plays a very important role in men's health. Zinc concentration in semen will greatly affect sperm quality, so it is considered a "golden" mineral for male sexual and reproductive health.

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