Effects of rubbing your eyes

You think rubbing your eyes is a normal reaction, making your eyes more comfortable when irritated. However, this is absolutely not true, rubbing your eyes regularly will have many effects on the health and aesthetics of your eyes. Let's learn more about the harmful effects of rubbing your eyes in the following article.

1. Why rub your eyes?

When the eyes encounter unpleasant problems such as stinging, itching, tearing, entangled foreign objects, irritation due to various causes, our first reaction is to rub our hands to solve the problem. Instant for the eyes.
Sometimes the condition of dry eyes when looking at the computer screen, contacting the phone for too long, the working face without time to rest will make us tired, we rub our eyes often. Rubbing our eyes is how we bring bacteria from our hands into our eyes quickly, which can cause many consequences later on for your eyes.
If you wear contact lenses for too long for the recommended time, rubbing your eyes causes eye pain, creating rubbing that leads to corneal damage such as corneal ulcers.

2. Harm of rubbing eyes

Few of us know that rubbing our eyes can cause serious immediate or long-term damage to our eyes. It can be said that some of the most common dangers of eye rubbing are:
Corneal scratches Habit of strong and frequent eye rubbing affects the eyes and structures in the eye. In the case of dust, eyelashes, foreign objects lying on the surface of the eye, the rubbing action will cause the cornea to be scratched by the rubbing between the foreign body and the cornea of ​​the eye. This condition causes pain, discomfort, watery eyes, red eyes, sensitive eyes to light, and stinging eyes. It is possible that the more severe condition will cause the whites of the eyes to become red due to broken blood vessels, the skin around them will be darkened, making your eyes look haggard and old for a long time. The most severe can lead to Keratoconus, in which the cornea thins and deforms, causing marked loss of vision, and requires surgery for effective treatment.
Eye infection and more itchiness Hand rubbing eyes contains a lot of bacteria, rubbing eyes is a way to bring bacteria into the eyes directly. Along with the act of rubbing your eyes, causing scratches to the eyes is an opportunity for bacteria to attack the eyes more easily. Moreover, rubbing your eyes causes your body to release histamine, which causes itching and makes your eyes even more itchy.
Aggravation of Glaucoma Frequent rubbing of the eyes disrupts blood circulation to the eyes, over time damages the optic nerve, causing the eye pressure to rise gradually and faster, even resulting in permanent blindness.
Aggravating myopia Myopia has a form of degenerative myopia, ie the posterior half of the eyeball is degenerative. But rubbing your eyes can make this type of nearsightedness worse over time.
In addition, frequent eye rubbing is also a direct and indirect cause of many different eye diseases such as eye infections, conjunctivitis ...
Dụi mắt thường xuyên sẽ gây nhiều ảnh hưởng đến sức khỏe và thẩm mỹ của mắt
Dụi mắt thường xuyên sẽ gây nhiều ảnh hưởng đến sức khỏe và thẩm mỹ của mắt

3. How to fix eye conditions without rubbing your eyes

Itchy or irritated eyes due to various causes is inevitable. However, you should gradually give up the habit of putting your hands right over your eyes to rub them to limit the harmful effects on your eyes. Instead, it is necessary to stay calm to deal with eye irritation more effectively and safely.
So we can use a clean tissue to gently touch, absorb and gently massage the eye to limit the transfer of bacteria from the hand to the eye, as well as minimize the damaging impact on the cornea.
Using eye drops is also a way to easily wash, remove dust or other agents from the eyes. It can be combined with a cotton swab to bring the foreign body out according to the flow of eye drops, combined with continuous blinking. For larger foreign bodies in the eye, it is necessary to visit an ophthalmologist for timely and effective treatment. For the case of itchy eyes caused by conjunctivitis, blepharitis, due to overwork of the eyes, we need to use eye drops, physiological saline for the eyes to drip and clean regularly. In particular, inflammatory cases need to be treated effectively by a specialist, to limit and stop the symptoms of itchy eyes.
More importantly, let your eyes rest, work properly, avoid over-regulating causing fatigue, frequent itchy eyes.
At Vinmec International General Hospital, customers can examine and treat eye diseases with a team of experts and doctors with many years of experience. With the support of a system of modern medical equipment, Ophthalmology is currently the choice of the majority of customers for examination and treatment here.

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