Hot in the body should drink what?

Insomnia, discomfort at night, hot skin, pimples are common manifestations when you have heat in your body. So what should drink when hot in the body?

1. Causes of heat in the body

Heat in the body (endothermic) is a phenomenon in which the patient often feels a high but completely normal body temperature outside. Heat in the body can be caused by hormonal changes inside the body such as pregnancy, menstruation or external environmental factors such as diet and activities.

2. What are the harmful effects of heat in the body? Heat in the body is not a serious problem, but if left for a long time, it can:
Weaken the immune system, easy to get infections; More dangerous is causing urinary tract infections, genitals, digestive tracts; Dehydration when hot in the body can lead to less urination, electrolyte disturbances, high blood pressure causing convulsions, coma, even neurotoxicity; Moreover, the heat in the body can penetrate the blood, leading to high fever, subcutaneous hemorrhage, nosebleeds, and electrolyte disturbances.
nóng trong người nên uống gì
Nóng trong người nên uống gì?

3. Hot in the body should drink to cool?

"What's hot in people to drink to cool down" is the question of many people. If you are experiencing this situation, try drinking the following water to cool down:
Drink 2 liters of water per day to purify and cool the body.
Drink juice from fresh vegetables with heat-clearing properties such as gotu kola, spinach, amaranth, jute, bitter melon, cucumber, squash, spinach, lettuce...; Drink juice from strawberry, mulberry, tomato, aloe vera, orange, grapefruit, melon, papaya, dragon fruit, coconut water, tapioca juice, kudzu, corn silk,...; Drink water cooked from nuts such as green beans, black beans, red beans, lotus seeds... to cool down, stimulate digestion, fight constipation; However, people with hot flashes need to abstain from spicy, hot and greasy foods, do not drink stimulants such as coffee, tea, energy drinks, and smoke to limit the introduction of toxins into the liver.

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