What are the benefits of swing exercises?

The pull-up exercise is a very popular and preferred exercise in bodybuilding. Because of the effects related to the body in particular and health in general, it is also very convenient and flexible in terms of time and place to practice.

1. What is the effect of swinging on the body and health? Swing exercises are a great form of exercise, suitable for many different groups of people and ages. Some of the unmissable benefits of swinging include:
1.1. Get healthy hands Sports like rock climbing and swinging with great help from your hands will allow you to develop the full strength of your palms and fingers. In the swing exercise, the task of the hands is to lift the whole body up. So, when you master the swing exercises, your hands will definitely have strong grip and good fitness.
1.2. Increasing height by swinging the barbell The movement of lifting and lowering the body continuously alternately can help stretch the body, thereby stimulating the cartilage layer at the top of the bones to grow. This helps in rapid growth in height. Normally, swing exercises using barbells will stimulate your height significantly, helping you to grow taller in a short time.
According to experts, increasing height with barbells will take place most strongly when you practice this exercise during puberty.
1.3. Swinging pull-ups to control weight and reduce belly fat Swing exercises affect the entire body, including the abdomen and waist area. When performing lifting and lowering movements, the abdominal muscles need to be tightened. This makes the swing exercise the ideal exercise to burn excess fat in the abdomen, giving the abdominal area a firmer, slimmer and more beautiful body.
1.4. The effect of swinging the bar in the body - bringing an attractive back The back is a muscle group that is often overlooked when doing bodybuilding. The vast majority of women usually only focus on the abdomen and buttocks area, while men often invest in the biceps as well as the chest. Therefore, the back - an integral part of the sporty beauty - is not fully trained.
The swing exercise will definitely stimulate the activity in the back area a lot and with high intensity. So, after a period of practice, you will definitely have an attractive back, limiting a lot of unwanted injuries during the practice.
đu xà có tác dụng gì
Giải đáp đu xà có tác dụng gì?

1.5. Any sport or form of physical exercise, including swinging, can stimulate the body to produce hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, and countless other hormones. Others bring love and happiness to you. Therefore, swing swing also contributes to effective stress reduction, especially suitable for subjects who have a lot of pressure in work and life.
1.6. Treatment of herniated discs Doctors as well as health experts recommend that patients with herniated discs should practice swinging, especially barbells, more often. This is an exercise with the function of stretching the spine, thereby helping the vertebrae to expand and limit the pressure on the disc area.
Besides, the swing exercise also helps to align the disc back to its correct position.
1.7. Improve pain in the bones and neck - shoulder - nape area by swinging the pull-up bar. Therefore, the pain related to this area is significantly improved. In addition, this exercise also stimulates blood circulation, making bones stronger, preventing pain.
1.8. Adjusting the posture to an upright position Moving, sitting or lying in the wrong position mostly comes from the uneven strength of muscle groups. When performing the swing exercise, the muscle groups are evenly affected and developed together. This helps the body adjust to a straight and balanced posture.
đu xà có tác dụng gì
Bài tập đu xà cải thiện sức khỏe tâm thần

2. How to swing the bar properly? 2.1. The pose in the swinging exercise The barbell is deployed in two ways, you can hold the bar when turning your palm outward or inward. Either way, you should ensure 2 actions:
Make sure to hold the barbell firmly in your hand, then pull your body slowly upwards, trying to bring your body up until your face is level with the bar. beam. Hold this hovering position for about 2 seconds, then lower yourself down gradually at a controllable pace. Attention should be paid to breathing: you should inhale while lowering and exhale evenly when lifting up. Repeat this operation to count the swings.
2.2. How often should you swing the bar every day? The answer to this question depends on many factors, including the individual's fitness and fitness goals.
For beginners, at first, you just need to keep your body level with the bar for as long as possible. After more practice, you can gradually increase to 3, 10, then 15.
Each swing session should last about 15 to 30 minutes. Every day, novices can do 10 to 20 reps, and long-timers can even reach 100.
2.3. At what time should swing exercises be performed? You have two times to practice swinging with the most effective:
Early in the morning: Swinging at this time gives you energy for the whole day. Late afternoon: this is the time to expend the accumulated energy throughout the day, bringing about a huge fat loss effect. It can be said that the swing exercise is an extremely useful exercise with a comprehensive impact on the body, bringing benefits to health and body.

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