How to treat snoring

Snoring is a common phenomenon. Snoring can affect quality of life, and sleep apnea can affect your health.

1. Causes of snoring

Snoring occurs when the flow of inhaled air through the nose and mouth is obstructed or obstructed by many factors.
Nasal congestion or blocked airways in the nose: Due to sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, nasal deformities such as deviated septum... Caused by problems in the muscles of the throat and tongue: In some people The muscles in the throat and tongue are less active, they relax and put pressure on the airways. Usually occurs with deep sleep, abuse of alcohol or sleeping pills and is related to age, with age, the muscles become less active.
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Being overweight and obese can make throat tissue less flexible, causing daytime sleep. Children with enlarged VA, tonsils, or pharyngeal nodes also cause snoring. The long, soft mouth ring and uvula can block the airway from the nose to the throat, causing snoring. Irregular sleep causes mental fatigue

2. Health effects of snoring

People who snore increase the risk of cardiovascular disorders. If the apnea persists it can cause:
Frequent interruptions of breathing during sleep, with each apnea lasting up to 10 seconds due to blocked airways. Waking up from sleep or interrupted breathing. Sleep is not good, because sleep apnea causes the sleeper to always keep the throat muscles in motion to maintain breathing.
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Due to insomnia and difficulty sleeping frequently, leading to fatigue, poor concentration, affecting the ability to work. Prolonged apnea can lead to high blood pressure and an increased risk of cardiovascular disorders. Seconds reduce the oxygen supply in the blood. Chronic headaches Obesity In addition to affecting the health of people who sleep during the day, it also affects those around them, affecting the relationships of family members.

3. How to cure snoring effectively

If snoring is severe, but changing lifestyle habits is not effective, you need to go to a medical facility for examination and advice and may need to be treated with medication.
If the cause is caused by inflammatory diseases of the nasopharyngeal area, definitively treat the nasopharyngitis. If children snore a lot, they should go to the doctor for advice on VA curettage or tonsillectomy.
Causes of deviated nasal septum: Surgery to correct deviated nasal septum.
Measures to change living habits can overcome snoring:
Change sleeping position: If you lie on your back, it can cause the tongue and roof of the mouth to tend to fall down the throat, causing snoring. Lying on your side helps alleviate this. Weight loss: People who are overweight or obese are often at risk of snoring. Weight loss is a proven way to reduce snoring. Do not drink alcohol: Avoid drinking alcohol before bed, because alcohol causes a decrease in muscle tone including the throat muscles.
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Quit smoking because tobacco irritates the respiratory tract. Practice regular sleep habits: People with lack of sleep make mental fatigue easily lead to snoring. Do not use sedatives or any drugs that cause a decrease in muscle tone in the throat. Regularly change bed sheets, pillowcases and keep the bedroom clean: Because house dust can be an allergen that can cause snoring. Drink plenty of water Sleep with your head elevated: Use a high pillow to help clear your airways. Do not eat a lot at dinner, limit foods made from dairy before going to bed, Clear the airways: Use a nasal spray if you are suffering from rhinitis, causing secretions to obstruct the respiratory tract. Use a Nasal Patch: Snoring occurs when the airways are narrowed or blocked. Therefore, the patient can use a nasal patch to make breathing easier through the nose. Using a mandibular lifter: Snoring can also occur when the tongue blocks air from entering the back of the throat during sleep. The lower jaw lifter can be used to raise the tongue upwards while you sleep. Regular exercise can both lose weight and increase the amount of oxygen supplied to the brain. Snoring can have many causes. The most effective way to treat snoring is to find the cause, overcome the cause and combine it with changing living habits.

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