Instructions for post-rejuvenation skin care with PRP

Thanks to the outstanding skin rejuvenation effect, which can safely overcome the limitations that botox or filler injections bring, ... PRP skin rejuvenation is increasingly being chosen by women. To maintain the best effect, here are the PRP
skin rejuvenation aftercare instructions

1. Care instructions for the first 10 days

1.1. The first day

The skin may be red, however, this should subside and disappear within 24 hours. You should not wash your face with cleanser, but only gently wipe it with gauze and warm water or physiological saline.

1.2. Monday and Tuesday

The redness will probably go away. However, there may be an itchy feeling, especially in the neck area. You should use mineral spray to calm this feeling. Absolutely do not scratch the treated skin. From this day, it is possible to restart the facial skin care steps (face wash - toner - lotion - sunscreen) and note that makeup must be removed at the end of the day.

1.3. Wednesday to Friday

The skin begins to form small scabs. Your skin may feel a little rough. You should only clean your face with a gentle cleanser, without massage particles to avoid causing peeling and scratching the skin. Also note combined with daily sunscreen use. At night before going to bed, you should use a makeup remover solution or cream to remove dirt and residue on the skin before using a cleanser. Then continue with normal daily skin care steps

1.4. Saturday to tenth day

This is the period during which the scales are likely to peel off. For best results, do not apply pressure on the skin, but let the flakes fall off naturally. Continue to perform facial care steps and use mineral spray at least 2 times a day to provide moisture and minerals to the skin.
Hạn chế sau PRP
Sau khi làm PRP hãy hạn chế tiếp xúc trực tiếp với ánh nắng mặt trời, bụi bẩn hay chạm tay vào mặt

2. General Note

Do not expose the skin to direct sunlight Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, drink a lot of water to help support the recovery process of skin damage Do not smoke, do not use alcoholic beverages, coffee and other types of alcohol. stimulant The next rejuvenation course can be done after 1 month In case you see abnormal signs such as excessive redness, blisters, swelling... please contact Vinmec for advice. support
Vinmec is proud to be one of the few private hospitals licensed by the Ministry of Health to deploy PRP technology. Perfect care service with modern advanced technology, absolute sterility that meets international standards
Not only offers PRP skin rejuvenation method to help ''Return to youth for the second time'', Surgery Center Vinmec Aesthetic Plastic Surgery also always puts safety first - Where customers can trust and feel secure when beautifying

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